Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweater pillows & table sneak peak

I just got home from a Starbucks run after a looooooong day and I'm finally feeling amazingly rejuvenated enough (and hopped up on caffeine) to sit down and blog. It is a very busy and exciting week over here at the Schutz house. It's my birthday week!!! Wooo whooo! It is also the first week of my Hub's new work schedule and Christmas project deadlines, so I am going a little nutcracker over here. I am not complaining, truly I am loving every busy minute of it. 
Recently, when I was at Goodwill, I stumbled across some amazing sweaters in the colors that I wanted to decorate with for Christmas, so I scooped them up for super cheap and haven't looked back. When I got home with all these lovely ladies I wasn't quite sure as to what I was going to do with them...

...so I made winter holiday pillows. I think this is a great use for older sweaters that are just steps away from relocating to the wool graveyard and even if they're not fashion friendly anymore, they might just make a cheerful pillow.

These pillows are actually sitting on my dining room chairs that I pushed together to look like an upholstered bench. They are a small detail in the overall dining room holiday scheme. Operation Christmas table has been completed and debuts tomorrow! I hope that some of my ideas will come in handy to all of you.

Here is another little sneak peak of our table, but check back tomorrow for the entire reveal.

  yep....that's another yarn ball garland you're seeing. I feel incomplete without one. I have actually had quite a few of you emailing about me making and selling these. I was wondering how many of you would be interested if I were to open up an Etsy shop? Feel free to holla' at me with your input. I hope you guys have a great Tuesday and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Remember to hug someone you love today.


  1. I think you could make a killing with these garlands! I made two after reading your how-to post, and I love them. Good luck! Alison

  2. Hi Courtney! I was working on a new blog post last night about pillows made from Goodwill sweaters-so you can imagine my excitement this morning when I saw your post! Love your chic pillows!

    I put a few pictures from your blog with links on there- Thanks again for always inspiring!
    And PS: YES you should do an Etsy store!!!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's post!


  3. definitely yes to an Etsy store!

  4. New reader here.. I <3 your ideas.. Super cute stuff! :)

  5. please open an ETSY shop because I love your yarn ball garland, but ain't crafty enough to craft one.

  6. Holla! I for sure would buy one...three or five! Love your awesome site. :)

  7. I love the yarn ball garland! It seems like between that and all of the other cute stuff you make, you can surely open a store. Count me in as a supporter! :)

  8. I would purchase!! They are so lovely.

  9. What a great idea about an Etsy store. And what about those pillows? Now, that's clever! Love how they turned out. I certainly wouldn't have thought of that!! Looking forward to more inspiration. Sherri

  10. Thanks so much you guys are the best!

    WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to new readers! I HEART new readers!

    I am getting great ideas for an Etsy store and will keep you posted.

    As for the garlands I have a fun giveaway & announcement about them n thursday some come back & check em' out!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Would be so excited if you had an Etsy shop!! Adore your blog and your creativity. Best of luck!!

  12. I love your up cycling old sweaters into throw pillows! They look fabulous! I love your yarn garland, very pretty and kid friendly!

  13. Thanks so much! You guys are so sweet!


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