Monday, November 14, 2011

When in doubt, make a lamp shade out of it...

It wouldn't be Monday morning without a strange lamp shade idea right? For some reason I just have a thing for lamp shades, so I can't help but bring y'all along with me on my crazy lamp ride. This particular project was inspired by an Anthropologie display and I think it came out pretty cool.

All I needed for the project was...
*zip ties (a pack of 1000 from Home depot)
*spray paint
*chicken wire
*the top rim off another shade
* and a helpful hubs

Do you see where I am going yet? I didn't think so haha. Here is how the hubs and I made our shade.

1. We took apart a $4 clearance lamp shade from target and saved the metal rim.
2. We then used the rim and chicken wire to create the shape of a drum shade.
3. We attached the rim to the chicken wire with zip ties.
4. I sprayed zip ties in four colors that I wanted to use and let them dry over night.
5. The last step was to then cover the shade with the zip ties by slipping them through each square of chicken wire.

It creates so many amazing layers of texture. This is how it turned out...

Isn't it sort of quirky and fun?  The pattern it makes on the wall when it is turned on is stunning. I am thinking about making one in all white, cream, and gold to hang with a light kit inside the closet for an inexpensive chandelier. What do you think, totally strange or a fun new zip tie craze? I'm sorta lovin' those plastic little strips these days.

How was the rest of your holiday weekend? The hubs and I stayed really busy shooting some pictures of the living room and playing around with rearranging furniture. I heard the new Anthology magazine is out and I am just dying for a copy. Does anyone have it yet? This week I have some fun tutorials coming up so stay tuned. I better go for now, I have an episode of Dexter on the DVR just calling my name. Yes, I am admitting I have a deep love for that serial killin' forensic nerd! Love him. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow, now I am off to celebrate blood splatter and trophy slides.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so cool!

  2. Really cute! What a crazy but great and innovative idea!

  3. It's beautiful! Projects such as this that use unexpected items, really excite me.

  4. Interesting... I love the way the light reflects on to the wall.

  5. I was all like "whaaat" when you started and "ooooo" when i saw the finished product.

    It's lovely!

  6. OH MY WORD WOMAN! That looks awesome, I will be replicating this!

  7. I am obsessed! Curious as to what spray paint colors you used?

  8. Love it!! I may have to "copy" and make a chandelier just like you said! So creative!!


  9. Thanks so much guys! I am so glad I was not the only one who thought it was awesome sauce!

    The spray paint are all rustoleum colors. Winter blue, metallic gold, charcoal grey and slate grey. I hope this helps.

    happy creating!

  10. Girl! That is ASTONISHING! You're so creative!

  11. Who thinks of that???? I am stunned at your awesomeness! Crazy girl!

  12. Seriously amazing. Can't believe it has taken me this long to see it floating around the blogisphere! How did you pick the colors? Love them. I hope you don't mind, but I've posted a link to your tutorial on my blog :)

  13. Very cool! I see huge potential in the chandelier idea. It would look amazing on a large scale. And so inexpensive :)

  14. what about the base & the bulb, etc? would i just buy my own base with the bulb socket? i hope that made sense lol

  15. Yes. I just used a base I had extra around the house. ;.)

  16. whooeee, that's awesome! I'm w/your other commenters - who thinks of something like this? wow.

    Love the colors. Love the quirkiness. and, oh yes, I'd love to feature this on my blog, if that's okay with you!

  17. Thanks Colleen that would be awesome! You're so sweet.

  18. What size zip ties did you use? 4" or 8"?
    I love this!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Omg! This is so neat! I'm definitely going to have to make one of these for my dorm room! :D

    Just curious as to how you fastened the chicken wire together onto the wiring of the lamp?


  21. Wow that is soooo original. Looks like leather fringe, I love it!

  22. Hi love this lamp
    I have started making one, I painted a few zip ties but it all cracked off as soon as I bent them. What kind of spray paint did you use??? HELP!!!

  23. So sorry Samantha, that never happened to me. I used Rustoleum spray paint and make sure it's not too cold outside ;.)

    @annonymous I used the longest zip ties I could find at home depot. & I attached the chicken wire to the frame by using a zip tie and then trimming off the end. ( I used a painted one so it would blend in).

    Hope this helps guys :.)

  24. Absolutely fabulous! Gotta share with readers over at Blue Velvet Chair...we love repurposed stuff!

  25. This is so ridiculously cool! My parents sell zip ties as part of their business and I know my Dad will find this absolutely fascinating.

    Holy out of the box thinking!

    Claire @

  26. WOWOW!!!! I just found your website thanks to a house crashing on YoungHouseLove.
    Your design eye is amazing and this lampshade just blows my mind!!!!

  27. Gorgeous, courtney! What a beautiful, subtle color combo!

  28. Wow, just saw a link to this through Decor Hacks' site. I love the color combo fade... and it's cool how it takes on an "airy" look when the light's turned on. :)

  29. I would love for you to link this up to M.M.M. this monday! This is freakin awesome!

  30. Amazing! I can't wait to make my own!

  31. I Just found this and am so impressed! The style reminds me of a palm tree...LOL. I wonder if you could take an old umbrella and wrap it with the wire on the angle of an umbrella...hmmm. Then you could really make a faux palm tree. Not sure what I would use it for yet Anyhow, thanks for the great mind is flying!

  32. Did you use all 1000 zip ties? or did you have some left over? I was going to make this, but home depot only has packs of 500. they are 30 bucks... i don't want to have to buy two! haha.

  33. This is an awesome idea! So, if i didnt mistake, did you use spray paint to get those colors?

  34. I am making this right now, we ordered our zip ties on line, but my husband ordered the small ones, black and red for our garage them bedroom. He cant wait until I get done. The zip ties only cost 15.00 for a 1000

  35. I love your tutorial, I featured it on my blog in a roundup on DIY home decoration.
    I hope it's okay with you. (:

  36. Hi!
    Wonderful idéa, really love it! <3
    Can you plz tell us the lenght of the zip tie used ? Would like to order some on the net.
    Thanks a lot ans really good job! :)

  37. I really do love this idea, especially the one about the chandelier. I love chandeliers. Keep on doing what you're doing please and thank you ma'am.


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