Tuesday, December 6, 2011

and the stockings were hung....

Lately I have been staring at a bag of scrap fabric/Goodwill sweaters leftover from making pillows, creating a table scape, recovering a bench & making pennant flags. Well I am just sick of looking at it. Yesterday I finally reached my limit of starring at it's bulkiness in the corner of my room. Stalking me with it's "craft with me" grin. So I had at it. I threw together homemade stockings and decorated my entry way coat rack with sock-like goodness. They are all different patterns, sizes, textures and colors and I love it. Wish I would have done it before. If you remember this is what these Goodwill purchases looked like originally...
 and here is what they look like these days.

 It didn't cost me any additional money which made my Christmas budget happy & it looked homemade and imperfect which is what I love the most about it. I also strung some pine cones on some twine by simply knotting the twine around the top. Yay for nature! The best part is now my bulky bag of scraps has gotten a lot smaller and more manageable. Extra score! Now I am off to work on some more Christmas garlands. Don't forget the small ones are on sale for $20 this week only. I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow and sharing some more great projects with you this week. We just got our tree and I cannot wait to finish making our decorations for it. I might need some hot chocolate for inspiration. Have a fantastic day!  


  1. The stockings turned out great! I love the colour and fabric combinations.

  2. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I stumbled on it about a month ago and have been stopping in every day since. You are so creative and funny! And, your little man is so cute!


  3. Those are so cute, I wish I had your talent. Did you hand sew them?

  4. Yea I just whipped up some stockings with some scrap fabric from the Goodwill, no big deal! (; Seriously had to poke fun because I'd never in a million years think of doing that! Your stockings look AWESOME!

  5. So clever!!! Love it, Saves money & gives them a real personal touch!!


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