Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deer Plate update & a fun shimmery sneak peek...

I couldn't wait to show you guys my newest sample of shimmery beauties. They're from my current "New Years Eve Collection"....
This garland is called "Kiss me at midnight"

garland on the left is called "One night as A wild Child"

I have a few more that I just don't have pictures of yet. I am selling these two garlands for $50 each. They have special yarn as well as large & small balls. Email me to order one or for a custom garland in any size. As you can see I am getting ready for an Etsy store. However, I must THANK all of you who have recently ordered. I got the last few orders out yesterday, wooo whooo!

So if you ordered one, get ready for them to be at your house (this week) double woo whooo! I also wanted to update you all on these plates that I posted up on the ole' blog not too long ago. So many of you wanted them & could not purchase them from West Elm online...
Well, my sweet Hubs went to our West Elm over the weekend and talked to an employee. They not only have 40+ plates in stock, but they are more than happy to let you order them from their store over the phone and ship them to you. Totally awesomesauce! And at $8 a plate you can't beat their cute factor! Click here for the Emeryville store info. I really hope this helps some of you who really wanted the plates (Shout out to Amanda & Laura).

I also told you guys that we went to go see Santa over the past weekend. Well, we also went to go pick out a special real tree for the little man. He has a fake one in his room, but I thought it might be fun to transfer his decorations over to a real tree because he has enjoyed investigating our living room tree the past week. So we took Olly on his first Great Tree Adventure on Sunday. It went a little something like this....
..yep. And now he is the proud owner of his very own tree courtesy of his Daddy. Ohhh the things we do to our child. He will learn to appreciate us someday.

I hope this picture makes you guys laugh a little today like it does me. I'm going to go dream something else up to tinker with ;.) Have a fantastic day and I will see you guys tomorrow!


  1. Um you just made my day with that info about the plates! I'll be calling West Elm today! :)

  2. So, I made some garland balls, but they keep unraveling -- any tips? I pinned the tail down at the end, but they don't look too hot :)

  3. Hey Alison. It can be tricky. I just keep wrapping & pinning, wrapping & pinning. I really hope this helps ;.)

  4. Hi there! I just found your blog and am loving looking at your old posts!! I will be checking in often, and am excited to see your up and coming etsy store. I am following now too!

  5. Love the little tree tied to his little car. And that face....:)

  6. I love, love, love the tree on top of the car! So adorable! I also made some garland balls myself and they are awesome, thanks for the inspiration!


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