Monday, December 12, 2011

An eye stopper-Tree-Topper

Howdy to good ole' Monday & to all of you. I made a tree topper for our Tree yesterday & it was so quick & easy I just had to share it with you. It didn't cost me anything because I worked with supplies I had laying around. You know me, I like cheap and I like a challenge.

I "borrowed" some of Olly's art paper, some scissors, a hot glue gun, some spray paint, a fancy schmancy hole puncher (from the clearance section) & a leftover zip tie. The first step was to take four pieces of art paper and hole punch the two shorter ends. (This is a Martha Stewart whole punch that I got a while back for $4 from Marshalls).

I then "fan-folded" the four pieces of paper & secured them together (around their centers) with a zip tie.

The next step is to use a hot glue gun to secure the separated sections together. I just went around the entire pinwheel gluing section to section so that it looks like this...
Here comes the fun part. I took it outside to show it who was boss spray paint it with some leftover gold spray paint & some gold Krylon glitter spray paint.
After letting it dry for a few hours, the Hubs helped me to make a Merry Christmas sign on the computer. I printed it out & glued it to the center of the pinwheel, covering up the zip tie. I then used the zip tie to secure the tree topper to the top of the tree.
Here she is in all her gold glitter glory... and a star was born.

 I think she turned out quite lovely and deserved a shine worthy moment atop' the tree. It makes me so excited for Christmas.
We also spent the weekend watching Christmas movies, filling yarn ball garland orders & visiting the big guy in the red suit. I'm pretty sure we aren't winning the title of parents of the year anytime soon...

And when Mr. & Mrs. Claus invited me to jump in the picture, I just couldn't resist. I found myself day dreaming about mouthing the answer "A NAP" when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas haha. But since that moment never happened I just tried to make the little man feel more comfortable. Maybe next year ;.)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Today I am working on some more tree projects and just trying to embrace every fantastic and crazy moment of this season. I just know it will be over before I know it. Have a great day and come and visit me tomorrow...won't ya?!


  1. Wow, that's beautiful! I love how the gold/glittery spray paint looks - and it all looks perfect on top of the tree! :)

  2. Wow, all made from paper... that's amazing! I'm going to post a link on my blog. I love it!!!

  3. Great tree topper.

    If its any consolation my daughter did not go near FC until she was 4! Screamed as soon as she saw the guy!!

  4. Love the tree topper! I've just got a lame-o wire star on top of mine because I keep waiting to find the perfect vintage-y angel...someday...maybe next year I'll steal your creative idea!

  5. I'm very new to your blog and have been going through all your old posts the last couple of days. You are so creative it is crazy. I really love all the stuff you make.

    ...also your son with Santa and Mrs. Claus is too adorable.


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