Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little bit of this & that

Somebody please stop me....
I just keep eating this delicious cake (even for breakfast). I try to pretend that eating eggs and milk in chocolate cake form in the same as scrambling them in the pan. AHHH in a perfect world.

It seems that this week is absolutely flying by. I have been locked inside my house in yarn ball garland land.
By the way, if you ordered a Christmas garland from me recently, then they have gone out in the mail. Woo whooo! (There are still a few days left to get your order in if interested).

I have also been surrounded by a round the clock percussion band performance, courtesy of this charming lad. No band name yet.
 Who knew something so small could make such noise a mess? Thank goodness I think he is so cute & for cotton balls.
As for today I am tackling homemade tree decorations & tomorrow I will start showing you the progress of our lil' bare tree friend.

I hope you all have a fantastic day & be sure and check out the $1 section at Target the next time you go. They have GREAT stocking stuffers. The hubs rescued me from the town of Yarn yesterday and whisked me away to the faraway land of Starbucks and Target. I never knew shopping for toilet paper and applesauce could be so magically wonderful...ahh my hero.
I will catch you crazy kids tomorrow!


  1. Im not sure how I missed your announcement about the garlands. Can you send me a price? I love them!

  2. Ohh I've been meaning to hit up Target for some stocking stuffers - glad to hear they have good ones! :) And that cake looks fantastic - I love your logic for eating it... I might have to use that myself sometime!

  3. How can I order some of your garlands? They are just too cute!

  4. Hi Rene! Thanks so much :.) just tell me what size you want sm ball $20 (this week only) large ball $35 and combo large and small ball $45 and what colors or themes you want or are looking for & I will email you a PayPal invoice :.)
    Have an awesome day!


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