Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back.....a year is gone.

I cannot believe 2011 has come and gone....what a dear pal it was indeed. An entire year of changes, challenges, and triumphs...

He just keeps growing up so fast... our month to month photo project
Knowing it's the last work day of the year is so exciting for me! I cannot wait to see what is in store for this little ole' blog in 2012 and I am so excited to have met you guys along the way so you can make the journey with me.

I have spent the last year....
*being a Mommy for the first time.
*learning how to photograph and edit photos.
*moving from our first house In Baltimore all the way to California.
*opening up an etsy shop.
*Re-doing a bathroom & a bedroom in our old digs.
*Being featured on amazing blogs who truly made me feel honored to be a part of their site. Such as, YoungHouseLove, LittleGreenNotebook6thStreetDesignSchool.

I have been...
*Covered in yarn.
*In paint.
*In paper.
*In fabric.
*& covered in glitter.

I have learned to...
*Be thankful for my family.
*Throw a child's birthday party on a budget.
*Embrace the small things.
*To make lamp shades.
*To use what I have around the house.
*and how to live on a stricter budget than before.

I have shared...
*My weight loss journey.
*My financial outlook.
*and my sadness over leaving "home".

All in all, it has been one very FULL year! Thank YOU so much for being a part of my daily life and allowing me to share all of these things with you over the past year. You guys are awesome! I hope alittleglassbox brings something enjoyable to your day. Whether it be a recipe, a DIY project, an opinion or even a laugh at my expense ;.) I just hope you keep coming back for more.

I wish you and your family a VERY happy new year! I cannot wait to see what we all get to accomplish together in 2012. Leave me a comment or email me what you would like to see more of. And don't forget to check out the DIY page for this past years best projects. Thanks again!

Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

*Ohhh and My Zip Tie Lamp Shade is up for grabs on Etsy! Check it out.


  1. Bar none, this series of photos of the first year of life are the best I have ever seen! It not only shows his growth but tells a story with how he is growing and what he is doing. A M A Z I N G !

  2. Love the photos of your little one. Time certainly takes on a different meaning once you have had children.

    I’m a follower.

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