Thursday, December 29, 2011

My own anti-pressure movement & a fav personalized gift...

I sat down to write a list of New Years Resolutions and a funny feeling came over me. I suddenly felt the pressure to clean every inch of the house, go through all of my clothes, clear out all the cabinets, list out my future blog projects, make a financial checklist for the month and put all the Christmas decor away....alllllll of these things going through my head before 9am! Can somebody hit the snooze button please?
I don't know why I do this every year. As if when the new year begins I have to literally kick it off with a fresh start. All this does is make me not enjoy the holiday and kick myself for all of the procrastination that happens during the rest of the year. So this year I decided to be different.
I put that "pressure-inducing" version of myself to bed for a while. And I cranked up the voice of the "there is always tomorrow" self and I sort of liked what she was saying.
I am resisting the urge to organize our family photos and get both dogs groomed. I am saying no to New Year's diet stipulations. I am foregoing the need to organize my clothes, and ignoring the voice inside of me that is suddenly trying to redecorate the bedroom in one day so I can "start the year off with a fantastic space". Don't get me wrong, my bedroom will be tackled and finished this year if it's that last thing I ever do ;.) However, digging into that huge of a project and demanding of myself that I finish it a few days before the ole' yearly clock starts over...not gonna' happen!
So this newly empowered, somewhat lazy gal decided to take the night off from worrying and planning. And instead of cleaning or organizing I just went out. I got a peppermint shake with my two favorite men (big and small) and guess what? I survived! So I urge all of you amazing people out there to do the same! Take the end of the year off. Daydream up some goals but don't start working on them until your heart is truly ready and not because January 1 is coming our way! I must feels amazing!

I also wanted to take just a second to show you one of my favorite Christmas presents the Hubs and I made for our dear friends this Christmas. I was waiting to show you until I was completely sure that they got their "Courtney Loves you" package and the blog wouldn't spoil the surprise. Check it out....

We simply stained a wooden canvas purchased at Michaels. Used a silhouette image off of facebook from their wedding and followed these steps and then chiseled out a heart and their initials. We thought it was personal and sweet and made such a fun gift.
I really hope they love it for years to come!

I hope you guys are having an amazing Thursday. I am trying to think of a "family friendly" option for New Years Eve. A fun way to bring in the New year but all together since we lack a babysitter on the west coast...womp womp...what are you guys going to do to celebrate the arrival of 2012? Do share! See you tomorrow!


  1. What an awesome creative project that is...Im sure they'll love it!
    Ours is probably the most unconventional New Years Eve ever. We spend it at church. Starting at 10 theres food and everyone relaxes and talks for awhile then we move into the sanctuary to bring in the New Year just the way we like it...surrounded by our church family and friends.
    Happy New Year! And ysy for peppermint shakes! You made my mouth water:)

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