Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not so Naked anymore....

Well our sad little tree is starting to look a little bit more perky these days. It was such a challenge this year trying to come up with ideas that were "Olly-proof". I wanted things that wouldn't shatter, break, or bust and since everything with a bit of shine is total Olly bait, I knew it was going to be nearly impossible. But, I think we figured it out and she is almost done. I have one more mini-project to do in order to complete her (which will add some much needed color) but here she is for now.

It was really much more simple to avoid breakable ornaments when I started to think about decorating the tree in a different way. I started thinking about using ribbon for bows, printing our silhouettes onto $2 chip board, spray painting pinwheels, hanging glittered snowflakes (which were the only ornament purchased, at Target for $1 per 4) and truly embraced all things paper, soft, and glittery. I think she is starting to look a bit more dressed up for the most anticipated holiday ever! I am excited to see her after a little more color is thrown into the mix (using some more of my Goodwill clothes fabric-hint hint).  So I doooo think it is possible to have an  Daddy Olly proof tree.
What clever things have you guys done with a little one around? I debated a tree-top table but I wanted him to be able to see presents under the tree and have the twinkle of the lights to look forward to every time he came into the room. I think this will work for this year and maybe next as well.
I hope you guys are having a great week! I cannot believe that Christmas is 11 days away. Yikes I better get on it! I've got things to buy, cookies to make, and random acts of kindness to preform. See you lovely people tomorrow! Maybe even with bells on.


  1. Our tree is full of all the breakables up top & then the middle of the tree has a few baubles (Shatter proof cheapies) & then the bottom of the tree is empty!!! It looks a little strange but I couldnt have a Xmas without a tree! Also all of the gifts have been placed high up off the ground on a black buffet unit next to the tree out of reach. The things us mummas have to do huh :)

  2. ha! so funny. My son is about the same age and I did the same thing this year. I made all the ornaments (silhouettes as well, book page ornaments, ribbon, some printables for Deer Lillie,and soft fabric birds from PB). It was kind of fun to be creative and do something different! your tree looks great...everything you do is incredibly inspiring and creative! Just made a yarn ball garland for my son's room and I love it!!


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