Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our house is after Christmas calm and before the New Year excited!

Hey everyone! Long time no see...We have been recovering over here from an amazing visit with family, delicious nap-inducing food, and Santa's visit. I hope all of you were good boys and gals too! Because Santa sure didn't skip our house....

Only my child would kiss pictures of himself...yikes ;.)

We have our own little dare devil....

Santa made sure he had sunglasses in his stocking...he must have known he needed to look cool while driving.

It was such a unique Christmas for the Hubs and I. Six years ago we spent our second married Christmas together in Petaluma, California in a downtown loft all by ourselves and we never knew we would be back to Northern California in a house, with our own little family. It made our hearts warm and oh so very thankful.  I am very anxious to bring in the New Year, not because I want to wear sequins, blow on kazoos, and totally rock a party hat...however, those things would be AWESOME! But simply because this past year has been a crazy year…new blog territory, gun issues, moving across country, having a new baby to try and figure out how to keep alive raise etc...etc. I am ready for a slower paced year where we can just embrace every moment together in calmness.
I hope all of you are preparing to spend the next year with me. I promise to bring fun projects, DIY, and a whole lotta’ crazy Courtney life to the blog, to share with all of you. I am currently working on a New Year to-do list…because this is not only the opportunity for fresh beginnings but it is also my last year in my 20’s. Yowzersssss! I have so much I want to accomplish and I want to challenge myself with and I hope the hubs is ready to be my partner in crime. I am just so thankful to all of you for making my daily life so fun. I look forward to your emails and comments and I love having a place to be creative. I hope this year will be even more BLOGTASTIC!
Well, I must skip-to-my-loo my darlin' because I have been up all night editing photos, chattin’ it up with you fine folks, and making lots of yarn ball garland orders. But I will be back tomorrow! Oh & for anyone who wants a Christmas garland for next year, I have them on sale for $35 (for the combo large and small garland) and I have two left so email me for more info. I hope you all are having a great week and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I am working on a fun lil' organization project that I hope to share soon! Have a good day!


  1. Hi ya,
    I just found your blog...what a great find it is! I love your decorations, style, and great photography skills! Thank you for the inspiration, I hope you have a fun filled holiday season.

    All the best,
    Nichole (Sunnyvale, CA)

  2. what a cutie kissin' photos of himself... the yarn ball garland for my neice-to-be's nursery was a hit... thanks again.

  3. Hello Courtney,
    Thanks for the inspiration! I'm a fellow Mom and blogger and enjoy reading you daily! Looking forward to your projects in 2012!


  4. He is just the cutest...and a little MiniMe of your hubby.

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