Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A sad little potty...

Hey everyone! Today is a good day. My last few packages are going to the post office to be mailed and my Christmas grocery list is going to be obliterated-TerMOMinator style. I spent the day yesterday stepping a little bit away from Christmas and focusing on something that has been driving me nuts since we moved in here 7 months ago. I Can't believe it's been that long already.
The hall bathroom, which is also Olly's time traveling, boat racing, water park of sorts & the venue of every bath time. The room has been a little lifeless. It has just felt so cold and boooorrrrinngggg! I promised myself that I would change it before the New Year, so yesterday I held myself to that. Of course, I didn't spend a dollar. Mostly because Christmas is in a few days and a lot of my money has already danced into the pockets of big box stores and Christmas tree farmers. So I pulled from boxes in storage and put some old things to new use. She is looking pretty good for now. At least she feels a bit cozier...and I'm not sure why that's important for a bathroom. But, for me...it is.

I just simply used some curtains from our previous house in Baltimore along with some accessories and pictures that had yet to find a home in this house and made the room feel a bit more lived in. And if you're wondering how I infused some Christmas cheer into this tiny space...I found a way. Remember Oliver's tree Adventure?

well, you'll be happy to know his little tree found it's home....
Adorned with some red berries picked off the vine in town. I think the bathroom got quite a nice- no cost start towards the pretty decor finish line. I was so happy to accomplish this little upgrade while Olly was sleeping. It was my little Christmas present to myself.

I hope you are all having a great week. Happy shopping, baking, and gift wrapping. Until tomorrow folks ;.)


  1. How lovely!! How did you make the shelves? Where did you get the brackets? I absolutely love them!!

    @ The Gotta Have It Girl

  2. So beautiful, im totally digging the ceiling in there too!

  3. So very sweet. I love the ceiling, did you do that or was it already that way?

  4. love it! really love how you tuck that tree in the bucket. During the Fall we went to a party and the host had a big planter on their rustic wooden table filled with geraniums. It looked so cool and unexpected!

    And girl, always loving how you do things without spending a dime!:)

  5. I love it! and I LOVE the ceiling, but more importantly I LOVE that giant branch! Where did you get it!!


  6. Thanks so much for your sweet words ;.) the shelves & brackets along with the ceiling were all courtesy of the landlord. The brackets I have seen some similliar at home depot though ;.) & the ceiling is the old floor of this house reused...brilliant, right? But I can't take any of the credit ...thanks again!

  7. Like a magazine photo I'll tell ya! The tree in the bucket is fabulous.

  8. I LOVE IT! Where did you find the pail for the tree? That's such a great touch for the bathroom. So cozy now!

  9. i really just love everything you do! i find so much inspiration in your posts. :)

  10. looks great! I love the shelves and brackets!

    (find me on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/erincl/

    I don't have a blog {yet}

  11. your ceilings are unreal! I love them and Olly's Christmas tree on the cub car is too cute for words... going to PIN it for next year's Christmas cards.

  12. Your Christmas tree delivery boy is the most precious thing I've seen! Shared on our Facebook wall today. Adorable! :)

  13. I just found your blog and I love it! I can't wait to come back when I have a little more time. Love how you made this potty happy! ;)


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