Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis a few days before Christmas & my readers deserve a gift!

Hello to all the other elves out there! Christmas is almost here and my parents are coming to visit and arriving today. This is so exciting for us because they will get to share in Oliver's first "real" Christmas. Last year he slept through the entire thing...*womp womp * So before we head to the airport and delight in all things wintry, festive, and bright...I thought I would pop in to give you guys a little gift. Since I can't really reach out to all of you with a shiny box and a puffy red bow I thought I could give you a little family recipe tip which we don't normally share with a lot of people. Let's just say we like to be the "clever" ones at the party with the most delicious treat.

Every year we eat peppermint brownies...and all I can say is to die for! These are sure to give any elf a sugar rush, any dentist a client, and any hand the right to slap yo' mama! ok, maybe not slap yo' mama...not if you want presents. But you get the point. They're amazing.

The lil magic that makes these babies so special is that we take regular brownies (which you can make from scratch or from a box) after they're finished cooking and we place York Peppermint patties over all the brownies to melt (I use about 12 per rectangular brownie pan). After about five minutes we simply spread the melted candy on top with a spatula and then we let them cool and harden. They are melt in your mouth fantastic and the only thing to send them to the next level is a big ol' glass of cold milk. Sink yo' teeth into that Santa!

& for those of you who don't really like chocolate and that gift doesn't tickle your fancy I thought I would make something special for all of you readers. I made a spunky yarn ball garland in colors that I believe to reflect y'alls happy spirit.

I've knocked the price down to $18.50 for all of my readers, which is 45% off...wooo whoooo! (That's as low as I could get these puppies). TO ORDER simply email me at ccschutz@gmail (dot) com and I will paypal you an invoice and get one sent out to you asap. Thanks again for being so awesome.

I hope you and your families have a VERY MERRY Christmas full of laughter, cheer, and yummy treats.

Let's all be mindful of the reason for the season...Happy Birthday Jesus!

I will see you guys back here early next week. I will most likely be taking Monday off since family will be in town. Happy Holidays!
Fa La La la laaaaa the Christmas elf *aka. Courtney* 


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