Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree Love.

Whooo whooo! If you were here right now you would see me doing the "It's Friday" dance!!!! I have a few things to tell you. First off, head to ANTHROPOLOGIE today. Sweaters & coats 50% off. YAY! Remember this sweater you guys loved....
*Well, it's 50% off. I heart sales!
Now on to what I was doing yesterday. I started to make decorations for our quite bare woodland friend (that's hanging out in the center of our living area looking kind of sad & odd). Poor thang' I started by making a garland for it. Not a yarn barn garland...I thought I might keep you guys on your toes. I actually went old school with some popcorn, but I jazzed it up with a little gold spray paint.
I thought it would be perfect since I have been going for the homemade country Christmas feel. I only got one of the three strands done & it's on my weekend to-do list. But, I thought you guys might like to see a sneak peak...

I was popping, stringing, painting, and hanging this in between all of the garland orders. A HUGE thank you shout out to all of you who have emailed me & ordered. You guys are awesome! Remember that today is the last day the small garland is on sale.

I really am so excited because the hubs has the next four days off and I totally plan on taking advantage of sleeping a little bit later (past 6 am would just be soooo nice). I also plan on getting our ole' tree looking well on it's way to mighty fine. I mean come on, how many trees do you know that rock a little gold around their branches ;.) It's gonna be living pretty-Courtney style haha. I really hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your week with me. I just heart you guys! Oh and wish us luck while we take the little man to go see Santa this weekend. OHHH how I love these moments.


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