Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All Bottled up...

I am all about love this year. I want the people around me to feel it the most but I hope to show everyone in or around my life some love too. Last year was a tough year for us. Nothing huge or catastrophic happened, nor did anything happen that we cannot recover from. However, it was a Thank the Lord for caffeine & chocolate kind of year. It was just one of those tough years you go through together. It was almost as if our number was up, we served our time, and now we are on to bigger and better things. We were truly blessed with experiencing the first year of our sons life and some new endeavors, but it just seemed that every time we were starting to get ahead or feeling comfortable our lives did an ole' switcharoo and become unrecognizable again.
Reflecting on last year and it's events has had me thinking about all of my loved ones sprinkled across the US from East to West who inspired us to smile throughout those crazy days. So this Valentines Day I would like to send some love around to make sure they know how much I adore them even though life gets busy and I just might not say it enough.
 So every week from now until V-day, I am going to share a little project that I hope inspires you to create something pink, fun, and glittery for all of the people you adore too (you're family, teachers, neighbors, co-workers, children). And can I get a woo whoo for glitter?! I will find any excuse to use it. I hope you enjoy these little snapshots of some bottled up love I made this week.

I think they turned out so cute. The little bottles were purchased at Michaels for anyone who was wondering. They come with lots of little sizes in one pack (in the scrapbook section) and they're totally affordable, especially when paired with a coupon. Hey nothing says love like a coupon to this gal!
I hope you all have a fantastic day & I will see you kiddos tomorrow!


  1. cuuute! I'm getting pumped for Valentines 2012 which is so unlike me. I want to host one of those "favourite things" parties, but rename it "things I love" to go with the 'holiday'. I'm excited to see if I can incorporate any/all of your crafts. I commissioned an Etsy shop to make me toddler sized friendship bracelets for Saige to give to her buddies... I'm going to make a card for them that reads "I'm KNOTS about you"... that's as crafty as I get in Feb ;) xo

  2. Girl thats an awesome idea! Soooo cute! What a good mama ;.)

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