Thursday, January 19, 2012

A basket case

My daily list of priorities is ever growing these days & I love it! However, I sometimes think that between phone calls, little boy chasing, project doing, picture editing, yarn ball making, and my normal daily mom/wife chores (gotta have clean clothes) at some point I am going to run out of battery life. So when I have a free moment to re-charge my batteries (alleluia) I am secretly dying to read a magazine, watch reality tv (love me some Housewives) or dare I say, take an extra long shower (pure bliss). But for some reason when I am on a roll, my brain won't stop and let itself rest a long with my body. Hence today's mini project, which was completely unnecessary & I conjured up for no real reason. It seems that I can't leave well enough alone.

The other day at Michaels while looking at the $1 section of the store, I came across some awesome metal initial tags in brown. I just knew I had to have some & I was able to find all the letters I needed. Which is a task all on its own, can I get an amen crafty gals?! This is what came to mind. My sons naked looking toy basket.
Yes, we I have a blabla obsession but we can address that some other time....
Since I introduced this green pop of color into his scheme, I have been looking for another way to carry it through the room.

So I spray painted the metal letters with the leftover paint from the table project & attached them with ribbon to the basket. Super simple and only $4.
Now is the time where I will be showing you lots of pictures just to make myself feel validated for doing this particular project haha.

I know my little boy can't read yet, but I think I labeled his toy basket more for the hubs (as a subtle reminder) haha just kidding. I did however, feel a little bit more productive which is an amazing feeling at the end of a long day.
I hope all you guys & gals have an amazing Thursday! I am so excited for a new Vampire Diaries tonight (I know I sound like I'm 14) I just can't help it! See you tomorrow! I simply heart Fridays!


  1. I confess I have a Blabla obsession, too. What is it about $50 stuffed animals? LOVE!

  2. I love catching up with you by reading your blog! I'm glad I stumbled upon it last year. Your dear boy's room is so cute and I like how you're costantly tweaking your home because I do the same thing. No such thing as "done"!
    Looking forward to a new year of projects, pictures and stories! Oh, and congrats on opening your Etsy shop!

  3. We have blabla Billy goat too! We love blabla here too!

  4. Thanks so much! You guys are awesome.

  5. I just love your graphic rug! Got to ask you where is it from???

  6. Thanks so much! The rug was from Pier 1 (They still had it last week)


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