Friday, January 20, 2012

Behind the scenes

Most of the time I am not only doing what projects I share with you lovelies on the blog, but I am also doing things for family and friends as well. One of the projects that I have been working on is for my sweet niece who turned 11 years old. Her birthday was in September (just a little late) & being the busy/crazy Aunt I am, I just got around to finishing her birthday gift, poor girl. I really hope it was worth the wait. Inspired by the little dazzlers I made myself this past summer...
I decided to make a pair for her to rock out as well. No other girl will have these little sparkly beauties...

They just make me want to dance. Won't those be so cute with a pair of blue jeans and a fun blinged out necklace? I'm a little jealous and super glad we don't wear the same size shoe, or I would have had to make her another pair. Happy belated birthday Emily, we love you!

I not only found myself covered in glitter this week, but in yarn as well. I made some huge (tennis ball size) garlands for my mom. She calls a flower shop her daily home in the great state of Texas and her display windows needed a little extra pizazz for this Valentine's day. So I was more than happy to oblige. I was inspired by the beautiful sunset we see here on the West Coast. I think it came out bright & punchy.

I really hope these little darlings make her windows shine with color and joy & that she gets to think of me every time she looks at them.

Now looking back, it really has been a full week, a weekend has never been so welcomed by me. I hope all of you have a weekend full of possibilities and projects and I cannot wait to see you all on Monday! ****Is anyone interested in a virtual decor sale next week on the blog? I have some art work, pillows, fabric, lamps etc. that all need a new home. Let me know what you think!
*Thanks for being so amazing about the blogs new look, you guys are the best!


  1. i live in TX! where is your mom's flower shop?

  2. Um, yes! Sell away! I'd love to see if you've got anything I'd like to give a new home :)

  3. love those shoes and love the huge garland! It will be perfect for the window in your mom's shop!
    Also meant to write that your sweat dear deer were RIGHT up my alley!

    I hope you do the virtual sale! Awesome idea!!!

  4. YES - def do a sale. I'll buy!

  5. Yes, I would be interested in a sale! :)

  6. Oh yes, a decor sale would be so exciting! :)

  7. Totally--always love a sale!

  8. YES! YES! YES! I am SUPER interested in a decor sale! Oh boy! I can't wait!!!

    -Ali Rizzo

  9. I used to be known on Facebook as the "online sale person." Our entire 3rd floor attic is chock full of stuff Ive always rotated in and out in my home (decor). But when Id get tired of lugging it up and down or wanted to make some space, Id do the online cleanout. It was always hugely successful. Show us whatcha got!:)

  10. Yes, please do an online sale!!

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