Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeding the jar

Today is not the the most exciting project on the blog I have ever done, but it is what I spent my day yesterday working on.  So I figured I would share with the class.  

Let me preface by saying that I am a visual person...big shocker, right?! So when it comes to saving my money for something in particular I have to see it! It helps me to stay motivated and get excited the more progress I make. So I decided to re-purpose some of the ball jars I had leftover from canning apple butter and use them to hold my dough mullah.... I would not recommend storing money in the house for can be risky business. But for us (living in our small town) I feel safe in doing it.

So with the assistance of a little chalkboard spray paint I was able to dominate the design world to make a fun little visual reminder for myself to make a few less trips to Starbucks and save some extra pennies because I am secretly obsessed with buying a golf cart...I know, sort of ridiculous & unnecessary, but doesn't it just sound like so much fun? As a little girl I drove one all across the green pastures of my grandparents farm and I would LOVE to recreate that freedom and joy with Olly since we live in a quaint town.

I'm also saving for a master bedroom decor update ....wooo whooo! I'm just sayin' mama needs some new pillows and a rug! Say what?!  I know it seems like I am channeling my seven year old self saving money in a jar, but hey, it works for me. I think this is a GREAT project for kids to teach them to save for something. I hope Olly is watching and taking notes....(even at a year old- haha). And even though art is not my thing, which is probably why my golf cart looks a little sad and Flinstonesque', I had fun drawing on the lids.

I am now off to go make some more garlands which helps me to make more money, to feed my jars. *If you recently ordered a garland they are in the mail as of today! Thanks for being patient and I hope you love them!

I will see you folks tomorrow!


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