Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forever mounted in eternal Love

How do you like the blogs new look? I have a major crush on it right now. Not only does she flow better & just look pretty, but I have made it easier to follow & join the blog, I can now post larger pictures & I have lots of room for future sponsors. It's a good day, I say! Look around & let me know what you think.
 Today's little Valentine project may have you all gossiping behind my back or just thinking I have completely lost all my marbles. But it happens to be one of my favorite Valentine projects ever.
It all started with a trip to Michael's leaving with Mr. Buck & Jane Doe.
less than $6 (for both) with coupon
I found such sweet inspiration in these little woodland creatures. I thought what a precious way to tell my Deerest I love him by making him a unique Valentine.

It's probably not what you would typically think of when giving someone a Valentine, but I'm the kind of girl who loves a little romance between 2 golden deer. What can I say?! I know it can seem a little creepy that we removed their heads and made little mini-mounts...(even I shudder when I say that)..however, I like to think of them forever mounted together in eternal love. Really they should be thanking me, haha. Between bow ties & hair adornments these two lovely deers are screaming sophistication. I won't be shocked with myself if I leave them on the wall of my desk nook all year long.
The wooden mount was only $1 & everything else I already had around the house. My total cost was around $7 which made this gals wallet extra happy. For anyone trying to create the look, the two "round paper mounts" are Martha Stewart gift tags & all the other paper was from Michaels. To make the wooden block hang on the wall we simply took two tacks and some fishing wire and rigged a little hanging mabob on the back. And yes, that's the official term "hanging mabob", haha.
I really think they are quite fun & such an unexpected way to say I love you, this Valentine's Day.
Now don't think I am too crazy & not come back tomorrow. Have a fantastic day & if you're down think "little gold deers".
If you missed last week's Vday project ... & all Etsy shop prices are now reduced.


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