Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's discount spectacular

Today is Friday the 13th. Growing up my grandpa particularly liked this day unlike most. And even though nothing wacky or eerie is going on in our little town today, I still like to embrace the mystery of it all. Today is also fantastic because it means that tomorrow is Saturday and it marks one month until Valentine's Day! Which means it has almost been a year since I launched this ole' blog. All very- very exciting things!
So since it's Friday, which makes me want to dust off my party girl shoes and wear an extra strand of something gold and shiny, I thought I would give you guys a fun discount on some Vday party decor! Isn't that such a great way to start the weekend off?!

JUST FOR YOU LOVELIES, my Valentine's day garlands are $19.50 and I am allowing you to pick your very own fantastically girly colors...That's almost as fun as picking out 12 of your favorite ice cream flavors.
After receiving a lot of orders though email and a lot of questions asking about colors, I thought it would be amazing to personalize them for you all.* And no worries, If that's not your thang' I can always make a Courtney original for you as well....Here are snippets of the beautiful colors I am offering this VDAY 2012!

All you have to do is pick what colors you want from this chart. Each garland is 12 balls. Have fun with your combos and go wild for all things pink, red, gold, and purple...wooo whooo!

Email me at CCSCHUTZ@gmail (dot) com subject: garland order. Let me know what colors you fancy & I will send you an invoice through Paypal. They are on sale from NOW until SUNDAY. Then they will go back to $30.00 a garland.

Also if you're interested in one of these tassel garlands, I will be selling those for $22.

I hope you all had a great week, you made mine extra special! I just feel like it slipped by so fast. I will be re-creating yesterdays MIA blog post (since it was never recovered) so I can share that DIY with you perfectly patient peeps next week! Until we see each other again... try and take a moment for yourselves, you all deserve it!
*I look forward to seeing what color combos you come up with and DON'T HESITATE to contact me about additional discounts on more than one order!


  1. Did you see your sweet dresser on Apartment Therapy today?

  2. I hadn't, thanks SO much for sharing! ;.)

  3. This is extra cute! I love the dazzle me pink. New follower here. Stop by and give us a visit some time :)


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