Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gettin' our family tradition on...

At the beginning of every year I find that I load my brain full of expectations for the next 365 days. I bombard a poor piece of paper with scribbles and jotted notes and lists of things to do or accomplish (which most of the time end up collecting dust on my desk a few months later). So this year, I decided to focus less on the entirety of 2012 but living each day to it's fullest. Heck it is the last year of my 20's I want to live it up Courtney style! Instead of concentrating on personal goals that would kick into gear on January 1st...I decided to start my own new family tradition and focus on that instead.

So this year we click clicked! We took a family photo that is. I plan on doing this on the first day of each new year to show our families growth. To capture what we accomplished and went through together the year before and what we are looking forward to in the next year together.

We simply made our own little photo booth by putting some decorative paper on the wall from Paper Source and hanging large Confetti (that I made with a large circle hole punch from the craft store) from the ceiling. We sort of approached this family photo playfully, non-stuffy, and relaxed. A great way to start the year....

I hope that all of you have a fantastic New Year! I hope it is filled with dreams, hopes, wishes...and lots of Starbucks and blog reading ;.) I will see you all here tomorrow!

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