Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heaven became way more awesome

I know I don’t normally post on weekends, but 13 years ago my grandfather went to heaven, which I am sure is more gorgeous than any well decorated room we can ever dream up. He left all of us here a little lonely but we know his smile can be found in all of us even on the gloomiest of days. So I just wanted to give him a little shout out & say thanks for everything, you knocked our socks off!

 To the most loved facilitator of memories, you are missed beyond words.  
Thanks for being our broomstick toting- owl hunt tour guide, as well as our hay stacker in the barn (which we used as forts), and our tire swing pusher.  You hosted Easter bonnet contests, lobster dinners, and The Three Amigos movie nights. You acted as photographer to our photo shoots and the number one prankster on April Fools day. You let us push you in the pool while wearing your work clothes, all so we could laugh from deep down inside our bellies. You made sure that life was never boring at the farm... you filled our days with hay rides, airplane excursions, and fishing expeditions. You let us get swallowed up in an afternoon of life-sized bubbles (with wands made out of coat hangers). You were a hammock laying, dog loving, book reading, and golf cart riding grandpa. You drank a Coke with breakfast, used a dollar bill as a book mark, and there was never a moment where you weren't carrying a Newspaper. There is not a Sunday morning church bell that does not make me think of you and how you had us ring the bell as a distinguished honor.

 You read the stories I wrote, came to grandparents day, & school Thanksgiving feasts... not to mention all of my plays, recitals and concerts. You were the creator of dreams and the twinkle in all of our eyes. We love you & miss you. This airplane ride is for you

Olly & Daddy playing airplane


  1. Such a dear, sweet tribute to your grandpa. I loved reading it... thank you for sharing.

  2. Visiting via Kate's botb... this post caught my attention. A lovely read, thank you for sharing your memories of your grandpa. He sounds like the kind of fella my grandpa would get along well with. If there is golfing or fishing in heaven, I betcha they have crossed paths once or twice.


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