Friday, January 27, 2012

Inching towards bedroom bliss

I have a confession. My name is Courtney & I have a home decor obsession, yet I have the "boring-ist" bedroom in America. Okay, maybe not quite the "boring-ist" in America, however, I have never been so anxious to create a room of relaxation and a little bit of luxury in my life (until now). (DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that "Boringist" is not really in the English dictionary, trust me, I tried to play it on words with friends. However, I deemed it appropriate for this post, haha.)
Don't mistake me for a negative Nelly, I'm just keeping it real. My bed is uninviting, my floors are cold, & pictures sadly sit up against the wall not on it, womp womp. I know small problems. But it does bring a gals design style down. Looking back on our previous master bedroom in Baltimore, it was so easy to create a fun bedroom. We had more time, money, and different style tastes.We didn't have to force it because it organically created itself. But now that I am busy and giving so much of myself to a little boy, at the end of the day I want to curl up in a more calming space that invites me to just breathe a little more. And I'm discovering that I really don't want the kind of room I created before. I made sure in the last room to incorporate:

but now I am ready for more subdued colors with a little bit less going on. I want tone on tone patterns this time. Since I already tackled this lil' beauty & painted her grey...
I decided to stick to shades of blue, grey, beige, cream, and white with pops of silver & gold. All of these color choices have been swarming around in my mind since I have been ordering fabric for the headboard as well as working on a top secret project that required paint color decisions.
*Shhh I was told to be hush hush about the secret project & not share too much until after it makes its appearance on another blog. But trust me I am dying to show it to you.

For now, I just keep baby stepping my way through these master bedroom decisions & slowly but surely figuring out a reasonable budget. I am so excited to have a place of my own (even though I love my handsome hubs enough to share it with that's a lot of love ladies). I just wish I had a bit of Samantha in me from Bewitched and could wiggle my nose and have it completed.
How about you? Do you have a space you are just dying to get done and for some reason or another you just can't get it finished fast enough? Please tell me I'm not crazy alone.

I hope you all are going to have an amazing weekend. I may indulge in a chocolate croissant, cruise over to Home Depot with the fam, or even take a walk on the wild side & rent a movie. I promise not to over do it too much so I can pull it together to get back here on Monday, haha! Have an awesome weekend.

**And to all of you who humbled me with your sweet emails and comments yesterday, I thank you. You guys are MY favorites! I am working also on getting my artwork which I framed available for download for anyone who wants it, so stay tuned. Thanks again!


  1. Oh hon, you are soooo not alone! I see the 2 yr mark of our move to this quaint (nice word for old) parsonage, looming on the horizon and I want to scream and continue to bury my head in design sand. (Just keep pinning, pinning, pinning) I so hear Ellen DeGeneres singing that to me as Dory the fish!
    I have yet to unpack all our boxes of artwork, knick knacks, and what nots that will make this house a home because I am lacking that divine design inspiration. (Is Candace Olson available?)
    I've made some slight progress recently, but nothing too shout to the blogging world about.
    Now I have the nursery to add to the list which means transforming a perfectly acceptable guest room and flipping a toddler kingdom and magically creating a nursery haven and special space for the toddler!

    To sum up the are not alone. But rather you are a treasure trove of inspiration for fellow design seekers. I hope you can find some inspiration too!

  2. I've been in my house for over 4 years, yes 4, and I have paper on my windows. It's so shameful, my stomach hurts even thinking about it!!! I call my bedroom the sephia room because it's so BLAH. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    ... and PS. I think your room is awesome now as well.

  3. As the other two ladies said, you're definitely not alone! My husband and I have been in our house for a year and half now and I am about to pull my hair out if I don't get our living room re-done. Because of budgets, I've been saving up to do it, but in the interim I've not struggled with a lack of inspiration, but with having too many ideas! I couldn't really hone in on one idea and stick with it. I changed my mind a hundred times on color pallet, furniture and furniture placement... But there is hope! I've finally narrowed down the couches and the rest of the furniture & accessories, and have started painting! If Macy's will ever deliver my couches (nightmare), I'll be close to seeing my vision come to life!
    I cannot wait to see what you do with your bedroom... if that FABULOUS nightstand is any indicator, it's going to be wonderful!

  4. I love your blog, and Im giving you a little feature today! (on my blog)

  5. Isn't it funny - the bedroom always seems to be the most neglected! Your color choices sound fantastic - can't wait to see!

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