Monday, January 23, 2012

Put some bling on your lobes

This weekend my son learned how to scream...the good news is, we know his lungs work properly. It also rained all weekend only letting up for a few hours on Saturday afternoon but it allowed me to get cozy in the house and make some yummy chicken tortilla soup. All in all it was a great two days & I was able to work on a project that I had been wanting to complete for months. Let me introduce you ...

I just simply love me some vintage earrings. It is actually a weakness I have. The problem with most vintage earrings...they're clip-ons. I don't know about you lovely ladies, but clip-ons hurt my ears which stop me from wearing them most of the time. So I have been wanting to convert them to posts for a while. Now let me just say, if I had earrings that were real authentic bling bling and not the less expensive kind, then I would have had a jeweler handle a more permanent option. However, since most of mine sparkle and shine from the man-made stuff, I left it up to myself and some good ole' help from Michaels. All I needed was...

And it was actually a very quick and painless process (make sure you DON'T TOUCH the superglue with your skin. This is why I used the needle nose pliers).

It was so amazing how it just worked out and it made me wish I had done this a long time ago. I wore them on Saturday and they actually stayed. I was quite pleased with myself. Here is the proof.

I'm so excited! *Wishing you all a fantastic week!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea! I love hitting up antique stores and the idea of converting the clip on's never struck me..duh!

  2. I have that same exact headband from Anthropologie! I love to wear it on casual Fridays at the office and did this past Friday because it was rainy out and I needed some sparkle!

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