Thursday, February 2, 2012

Because we needed it...

Sometimes we are too serious....

 And that just makes us crazy....

So yesterday we played with our food....

Showed each other some love...(even if that means stuffed animal kisses)

Concentrated on learning new skillzzzz.....

& just remembered how to smile.

Because together we bring out our inner party animals

& mostly because I just love this little face.
...We played hooky yesterday, just because we needed it. We shared chocolate pudding, laughed inappropriately, threw tantrums (but I told the hubs to cut that out in public haha) discovered new things and did not bombard ourselves with work or projects. It was amazing and I highly recommend taking time out for days like that.

In shock that tomorrow is Friday!

****Thanks so much to all of you followers New & guys are amazing and you're helping me to get to 500 which was my first goal....SUPER exciting! You guys are total awesomesauce!


  1. I think you have the cutest baby on record.

  2. He's just too adorable! Glad you took some time for yourself!

  3. Thanks so much you guys are too awesome!


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