Thursday, February 23, 2012

crafty gal party time

It's Oscar time again and I must say I love watching award shows even though the Hubs isn't the biggest award show enthusiast. I am all about the sparkle and shine of the dresses and I like to watch the funny faces nominees make when the camera pans in on them. They awkwardly stare off in the distance awaiting the announcement of the winner. Ahhhh, I just love it. I also love the idea of an Oscar party and since that isn't happening for me this year, I thought I might pass on a cute little DIY for any of you thinking of throwing down a night of party fun in celebration of marvelous acting and writing. Yay Hollywood, now let's get our crafty gal pants on!

I decided to make cute little party picks worthy of a fun cupcake or appetizer...surely to receive best dressed nominations. As well as, homemade confetti party favors. The cost of this project was free for me because I had all supplies on hand. Here is how I whipped up these snazzy little dazzlers in no time.

I used a fun whole punch and various papers to make my own confetti. I chose to go big because it was more unexpected than smaller confetti...however; you can chose any size or shape you would like.

 I used a clear treat bag to put the confetti in, which you can find at any local craft store. I printed a fun label on a piece of cardstock which I then trimmed and folded over the treat bag. I like to use fun fonts that I get for free on

I heart decorative tape. This black and white polka dot beauty is my absolute favorite. I simply wrapped it around and used it to attach the cardstock to the confetti bag (instead of using staples or regular tape).

*To make the party picks I simply needed scissors, the same decorative tape, and some wooden skewers.
I simply wrapped the skewer with a piece of the decorative tape and cut it to look like a flag. Easiest.Project.Ever.

Now I wish I was having a party. For now these fun little creations will hide out with the rest of my party stash. How about you guys? Anyone else excited to see what those lovely guys and gals wear, and who wins what?! Do tell, do tell!
Until party time, have a great day!


  1. Trev is anti-award shows... boo! Thank goodness for recordable tv

  2. I need this tape. I am seeing it all over the place and I love it. Great idea.

  3. love it!!! I LOVE watching the Oscars. I wished we lived in the same town. we'd be fast friends. no one has the same enthusiasm for the Oscars as I do....

    cute crafts you posted!!

  4. Thanks guys! Glad to know I am not alone. Erin we would totally be besties!

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