Thursday, February 9, 2012

cupcake action

I think Pinterest is amazing! I am inspired all the time from things I see and pin up. One thing I love to look at is all of the cupcake ideas floating around on every one's yummy food boards. I came across a cute idea to make Cupid's arrow cupcakes and I made some a la Courtney style. They are super easy and I thought you totally might want to rock them for a school or work Valentine party (or to be the coolest Mom ever). The best part is that you can make them with decorative paper you have around the house and with super human speed.

This is the easiest way to make the arrows.

See I told you it was too simple. I almost feel like I cheated. But if I am being completely honest with you...some of the cupcakes may have been hurt in the photographing of this event.

 What can I say, at least I'm owning it we must have a critter problem. My brain got way too excited when the sparkly paper came out and that lead to creating multiple decorative picks. It was something low key to do on a very crazy day. I'm hoping that one of these ideas will spark something in you, that way I can feel validated for taking the time to make a lot of them that were not seen by anyone other than me haha.

I am excited it's Cupcake Thursday over here at Casa de Schutz. Why? Because It sounded fun.  I wish you were all here to celebrate such a special event (cupcake Thursday). For now I must go eat a cupcake go be a mama & do some chores, womp womp. See you all tomorrow, hopefully not 5lbs heavier.

(& Cupid)


  1. OMG cuteness! I am so hungry for cupcakes now...not that I wasn't before but, you know, now that I have seen actual cupcakes. ;)

  2. SO adorable!! You are great at coming up with tiny details that make a dazzling overall effect!!

  3. very simple + very cute! a perfect recipe. yum!


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