Monday, February 6, 2012

Flea Market Action

Yesterday was the long awaited Superbowl Sunday Antique Flea market here in the Bay area. This monthly get together is AMAZING! I am always so inspired by the colors, textures, originality, and all the fabulous vintage items. I wish all of you could go with me and make a fun girl day out of it...but, since I can't afford to buy all of you airfare (not just yet) I thought I would bring you along for a much more "pocket friendly" photograph tour of the day. I just wanted to share the eye candy with you all...

The beading, the shimmer, the tufting, the colors, (and yes) even the! And since the Hubs didn't want me to come home with a car full of new things didn't want me to go alone, I brought my two favorite boys with me....

Shhhh, don't tell them they couldn't quite hang with the rest of the gals when it came to shopping. They were super worn out.

And when all was said and done I didn't leave empty handed. I left with this little beauty & I heart her even though she is a little see through...

I'm not too sure what role she will be playing at casa de Schutz....but as they say...there are no small parts...just small accessories.

Happy Monday, let's make it an awesome week!


  1. Your basket is wonderful... what a little jewel! Out of those pictures, I LOVE that little teal, velvet chair! She is a beauty if I've ever seen one!I have the perfect corner in my master bedroom for such a sweet chair... If only I wasn't in Tennessee :)

  2. Ah ha.....but I could come with you...I'm only a few hours from you maybe?!?! I live in Fairfield and we're stationed at Travis AFB. I don't have a blog, simply because I'm scared of one, so I just "blog stalk" :)

  3. Ah, this flea market looks like pure bliss. Love your wire basket.
    I'm also so tickled with your darling safety pins... it's the simple things in life that bring such joy!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. probably a good thing I don't live around there... I would spend far too much money...

    That club chair? Absolutely lovely! that would have come home with me in a heartbeat... a little bit of modern day charm!

  5. oh fun finds! i always love when my hubby tags along on a flea trip - but i agree, he tires much earlier than the girls! :)

  6. Very pretty! And I'm totally jealous, my hubby would not be caught dead at a flea market, even if it was to monitor my spending.

  7. that turquoise chair is gorgeous... but that little sleeping face is precious! he is adorable.


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