Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It was bound to happen

Well it happened... it was only a matter of time. My son's curiosity has become a design gals dilemma. My once beautiful office nook that made my heart so happy with my girly trinkets and my renter friendly "wallpaper"...(big shout out to all of you renters out there).

has now fallen victim to an crazy ambitious and creative one year old. RIP fun gold-flowery-wallpaper... In the fight of good versus evil, you lost to one short little super hero.

you will be missed. I am thinking about replacing it with a stencil. I have recently fallen IN LOVE with Olive Leaf stencils and I am currently swooning over this amazing ikat pattern.

gorgeous, right?! If you have not heard of them before then you must dash on over there and see their affordable and modern stencils...I wish I would have known about them before the Hubs and I labored over this self made project.
Oooh, well. You win some, you lose some. So that is the reality of what's going on over here. And for any of you wondering if I am mad....noooo way, that controling design freak went out the door a long time ago. How can I be mad at this face?
playing on the playground over the weekend and rockin' his shades

enjoying the Carousel with daddy over the weekend
I just hope it was fun for him and he learned something....Now I am off to go work on a fun DIY I can't wait to share with you guys. I hope you have an awesome day!


  1. I LOVE that stencil! It looks like ikat and I think it would look amazing in your office to replace the 'renter friendly' wallpaper. Do it! and if you don't like it halfway thru you could always paint again! I think it'll look great though once you are done! My one advice though is take your time and breathe because I hear stenciling is very time consuming! You got this!

    @ The Gotta Have It GIrl

  2. love his sunnies. where did you get them? i think my boys could rock em like Olly.

  3. Thanks Kayleigh ;.) our last stencil project was def. a labor of love, but worth it ;.)

    Nessa I bet your boys could totally rock them too! They were a $5 Target find ;.)

  4. Since you are my favorite DIY designer! Would you mind if I emailed you a picture and got your opinion?

  5. I would love it! You're the sweetest. Email away ;.) 

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