Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On fire

Surely you guys don't come here for sanity, right?! By now I am pretty sure we all know that I swing from the crazy tree (when it comes to projects anyway). Yesterday I had a few short quiet moments to myself while the little man napped...I say a few moments because letting myself have anything longer could be dangerous. Yesterday it didn't take long before an dangerous oddball idea popped into my brain. Downright out there & on a one way bus to Looney Town. I decided to glam up some cake decor. No worries this isn't a post about pastry bags and fondant's more about some simple candles that I couldn't leave alone...poor things. I actually took out my gold can of spray paint (*oh no she didn't*) & tagged them. Let's be honest there has yet to be something sprayed gold that I haven't liked...evidently candles with a hint of gold were no exception.

Before Olly's nap:

Soon after.
yep, I sprayed parts of them..weird huh? I was trying to think outside of the box and make a quick & simple jazz my cake up "go-to". You know, for the next time I just needed to get my hands on some gold spray painted candles. It also gave me a great excuse to buy a cake from our little town bakery & use it for blog picture (later introducing it to Mr. Fork & Mrs. I'mgonnaeatyou).

awww, she's getting down with her lemony self. I guess the moral to this story folks is that it's okay to do something weird (every once in a while & in the privacy of your own home haha) & let those crazy creative juices flow. Even if it is so you can get a slice of cake after using it for some photos. I'm comfortable with being strange & just leave it to me to supply you with crazy DIY. Until tomorrow folks.....who knows what will happen next, it's just one of those weeks.

*No candles were hurt in the making of this post. A little drippy maybe, but nothing too severe.


  1. Great candles! Perhaps a little off the topic - I love the cakes made by this company! However, I seem to be the only person in this part of the country who likes the CHOCOLATE MINT(!!!!!) cake and it is rare to find it here. So, please, next time you have one, enjoy a taste for me!

  2. Brilliant! I swear. You are just over the top creative, brilliant and unique. We love every project you tackle! We think you honestly need to start a DIY bootcamp and just let us into your insight. Unreal.

  3. Those are FABULOUS! Awesome idea. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

  4. Uh, yeah, not crazy because those are like...the best candles ever!

  5. You all are sweet & crazy too...I love it ;.) haha we can all be crazy together! Thanks so much for the kind words. Thanks so much for coming to the all rock! Now go make some candles or eat some cake so I feel better hahaha ;.)


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