Monday, February 13, 2012

Secret Project & love day recap

Whoa what a weekend! I must first say (with sadness) that a little piece of my childhood died over the weekend along with Whitney Houston. Bless her heart, poor girl was going through a lot over the last decade, however, I must simply thank her. Her music allowed my sister and I to come together as little girls in the 80's. We danced around with our banana clips in our hair belting out "Our Greatest Love of all" at the top of our lungs. Being that we were six years a part, there were rarely things we wanted to do together....but you, Ms. Whitney allowed us to just be sisters in that moment and when the music stopped we just hit "rewind" on our tape player and listened again....ahhh those were the days! So thanks girl for all the jams!

Now on a happier note, I am SO EXCITED that I am over on Ucreate today sharing my SECRET PROJECT...wooo whoooo, finally! So hop on over and check it out. And a huge welcome to all of you stopping by from Ucreate. Look around, stay a while, we have lots of fun here!

...and since tomorrow is just love somebody day, I wanted to recap the Valentine projects we did on alittleglassbox in case you need a last minute go-to or some inspiration!

Shimmery Tassels

Forever mounted in eternal love

Happy hearts

Pin it!

The perfect table at home

Easy cupcakes

Bottle up your love
 All of these were such fun projects! I look forward to spreading the love with all of you tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what you think about my secret project!


  1. Courtney, every single one of those projects is spectacular!

  2. You little project {well huge to me} turned out beautiful! You are so talented!!

    @ The Gotta Have It Girl

  3. Well all I have to say is that I feel super lucky to have just rec'd three of those in my mailbox today. The girls are smitten with the glitter in the bottle, Im getting ready to hang the garland and I may just actually wear the pin tomorrow for Valentines Day. I love it all! Thanks so much Courtney:)


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