Thursday, February 16, 2012

simply a fool for spools

Happy Vampire Diaries day...yes I just said that and no I'm not too ashamed crazy, haha. I seriously cannot help the fact that I go to bed on Wednesdays and wake up on Thursdays with this on my radar. It's true, and it makes me all giddy inside. However, yesterday I got a package in the mail that made me even more giddy.
Here is a little back story. A few weekends ago when I hit up the flea market I fell in love with some old wooden spools and by the end of the day, after deliberating my need for them, I decided to leave without them for only ONE reason...and that was because I lost them. Yep. This gal...found em', walked around, and lost any sense as to where I saw them amongst 800+ vendors that were there. Not my proudest moment. However, I did manage to take a photo of them when I first saw them....

 I was later talking to my mom on the phone & she said, "I have some old spools if you want them". If I wanted them?! The question was, how quickly could she get them to me. Well yesterday they arrived. I not only wanted to do a little dance but I also wanted to show them to you because I'm a weirdo about old wooden objects like that.

I remember having them as part of our decor in my childhood home. My mother put taper candle sticks in them and had them on the mantle, so having them in my home now makes me feel like they have come around full circle. So now I feel super glad I skipped over those other ones at the flea market and welcomed these old friends back into my life. *Thanks to the madre-she knew what was up*

In other news- the Hubs did good this week and bought me these little beauties
I'm obsessed with the color and I am now trying to find a way to channel that obsession into something positive.

Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words yesterday through comments and emails. I now feel encouraged and energized for a new year!
I hope you have fantastic day!

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