Wednesday, March 28, 2012

birdie business

What do chipboard birdies, decorative paper, and ribbon all have in common? They all look good together when making a fun & festive spring birdie garland. But I could be just a little bias. This project wins extra bonus points because it was "cheap-cheap" (sorry I couldn't resist a corny bird pun). I found these little chip board cuties (in a four pack) at Michaels in the dollar section. I couldn't resist a bit of flight action this spring.

So here you go lovelies...the how to I promised.

Aren't they so chipper? It was nice to look at something cheerful yesterday in the midst of some Northern California storms (I whipped out the crock pot and resurrected some winter chicken and dumplings and it was fab). I hope these little handsome fellas and pretty gals tickle your feathers as much as they do mine.

I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow and I hope these storms will cut this gal a break. Don't they know I have mountains to move and world peace issues to solve by Friday?! haha.

lots of hugs today for those of you who may need a little extra xoxo


  1. Oooh, I LOVE this! So cute! We don't have a Michael's near where I live so I might have to do some digging, but I just know my daughter would ADORE something like this for her room. She loves birds!

    Thanks for the instructions! Great project!


  2. Ok, so this is totally cute. Bless you for having the patience to cut, paste and tie knots! LOL Thanks for the daily inspiration...

  3. I have a bunch of chipboard birds to decorate - thank you for the inspiration! I was going to glitter them, but I like the paper!


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