Thursday, March 8, 2012

I was soooooo wrong

Okay, I hate to admit this but I think I have been a fabric snob. I feel ashamed and have now opened up my mind. Don't get me wrong...I am the first gal on the sale/clearance section of Joann's or any other fabric store..however, I had never stepped foot into a fabric outlet. Gasp....right?! I feel like my home blogger DIY card should be taken away. It wasn't completely on purpose. I never knew of any outlets where I lived in Baltimore...yet, I never really sought them out either. I think deep down I imagined rows of ugly, unwanted fabric, with small remnants. Well...I have now seen THE OTHER SIDE and I was wrong...I am now a converted (and proud) member of the Fabric Outlet Society and strongly suggest all of you hunt down your own local shop.

The Hubs took me into the city over the weekend (good ole' San Fransisco) allowing me to take part in the fabric hunt of my dreams. Angels sang sweet songs and the sun sparkled extra glimmery as I made my way up and down this crowded little shop (in my head anyway). It was what I imagine fabric heaven to be like, mostly because it was fun, inexpensive, and so fulfilling.

I had to wear my project filter to stay focused and I had to be willing to skim through lots of bolts and weed out the ones that wouldn't fit my needs...but it was worth every minute. And the prices? I can't write what I really want to shout at the top of my lungs, but just know they were simply fantastic. Everything was mostly $3.99 a yard (and under-holy savings). So I was able to find "top secret" fabric for my upcoming tween room makeover. I am so excited about it, I cannot wait to show you how amazing it is.

 And get this: I paid $2.39 a yard for it. Isn't that the best thing since french fries dipped in ice cream?! I came out with 7 yards of designer (upholstery grade) fabric for $24. It was a success. So this is me shouting it out from the roof tops to try and show some love to your local fabric outlet. *The best advice I can give you when going for the first time is to go without a plan or a project in mind. Just explore and snatch up what you see.

And for those of you who have emailed me for fabric sources and don't have an outlet in your area, here are some of my favs.
Calico Corners
(don't forget these websites also offer coupon codes as well) wooo whooo!

 I am now going to hunt every fabric outlet down all the way from Cali to Texas for our upcoming trip....sorry RYRY! haha. Have a great day & I'll see you all tomorrow!


  1. I love the buildup to this room and can't wait to see the end result!
    PS-You look so cute and happy!:)

  2. The garment district of any major city is a wonderful place to shop for fabric! Try that too!

  3. That picture of you is so pretty. I love how your hair 'swoops'. I wish I could get my hair to swoop but I've only managed to master frizzing! haha
    Anyway, yes! Fabric outlets are the best. We have Fabric Depot up here in Portland and I really want to get there soon!


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