Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awww Willie you sung it best......On the road again....

We are on the road yet again. I was the Mom who thought her kiddo was too young to watch DVD's in the car. Ha! I am now the Mom who is so grateful that the Easter Bunny brought Oliver some new DVD's so we didn't have to listen to Toy Story yet again. I some how have managed to find crackers crushed in unfamiliar places, slept with little tiny feet wedged between my ribs and the mattress, and officially jammed out to some 90's music without caring whether or not the car next to me sees me bopping my head. The last few thousand miles have taught me that a napkin can be a great distract-er, a public playground is a godsend and I start to shut down and need a latte around 7pm.

and... I have loved every minute of it.

We are on our way to the Abilene zoo today before we trek another 500 miles. I will keep you all updated and chant to myself, "there's no place like home"....

I'll see you tomorrow with another fun tween room project!

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