Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dressed to impress

Hey there lovelies! Guess what time is it? It's tween bedroom sneak peek time. Can I get a woooo whoooo?! I'm excited, aren't you? Here is one of our latest projects. It is not finished yet but you will be able to see the final product in the room reveal. I couldn't show it completed and ruin all the surprises, now could I?!

It's not an exact match but a pretty good copycat version and it was definitely a lot more wallet friendly. Any extra money a gal can hold onto these days...I do. I just couldn't stomach spending $300 on it plus shipping (even though I know it is worth every penny). However, I feel like we accomplished the same Ba-Ba-Ba Bam statement we were going for!

This is how we scammed the system saved our $...
Dress form  $64.00 (also found and used coupon code)
Zig Zag Fabric $7.48 a yard (purchased 2 yds and also used an additional coupon code)
Upholstery assistance $60.00
After using coupons and free shipping codes total cost $125.

Now to touch on a big money saver for this project. After the Hubs and I got the fabric and form we felt that we had bitten off more than we could chew or in this instance more dress form then we knew how to cover. When we asked our local upholstery shop to recover the form they said it would be $200. YIKES! I think there was also an ahh fiddlesticks mentioned at the time. So we contacted our local cleaners (who also had an in house seamstress) and their bargain price was $60 smackaroos -holy guacamole what a savings! *so the moral of this story is to always look at all your options. I'm so thankful for their assistance.

So what do you guys think, worth the $125? I cannot wait to show it to you guys finished and in the space...all in do time. Hope you're having a great week! And if you see the Easter Bunny send him our way and tell him we are being good in Texas.

**{Original form from Urban Outfitters}**


  1. I love it! It's so girly...but the chevron gives it an edge. Nice!

  2. Love it, I think yours is much better!

  3. I can't wait to see the entire room!

  4. Just in case you ever decide to do another one..I painted my dress form! It was originally a crazy floral, I primed it, and sanded it {the fibers rise when it gets wet} and it has been a lot of different colors over the years. {Not that yours doesn't look fabulous--mine just costs the price of the paint!}

  5. I aboslutely love it! This is so fabulous... I love the black and white cheveron. Cannot wait to see the rest of the room!


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