Monday, April 16, 2012

It's all about the FLOR y'all

Guess what my favorite blog pals?! It's Monday and my tween room makeover is finally finished. WOOO WHOOO! Some one crack open the champagne chocolate milk and cookies, I'm ready to celebrate. I will be sharing the reveal next week...but until then I am going to keep editing photos and sharing projects from the room with all of you. First up is the most important project and it set the tone for the entire room....the floors.

This bedroom was originally a laundry room which meant it had linoleum flooring...which is awesome if your clothes washer starts to flood (been there & done that) but not completely cozy if it's your bedroom. Here is a before picture of the flooring...

So the amazing people over at FLOR tile company made sure that this little- bubble gum chewing, softball playing, tween had a floor fit for a queen. They were a HUGE sponsor for this makeover and I must say after using their product I'm now a modular carpet tile believer. Not only can you chose from some awesome patterns and colors (as well as mix and match them) but they are simple to lay down & easy to change out one tile in case you have a spill...simply genius! Here is the floor right before we laid the tile.

And here is how simple it is to lay Flor's carpet tiles. We first laid out a box of tile to establish our pattern. For this particular pattern called Dashed off- Jailbird we played around with two different ways to lay it. Parquet style

or long horizontal stripes.

I decided parquet style rocked my design socks off y'all..... They make it super simple with detailed instructions. You take one of their handy dandy sticky dots & place it on the floor. You use this dot to connect the corners of four tiles. Here is the Hubs demonstrating it so handsomely.... You then use a carpet knife to trim around the edges of your doorways. It really is an amazing product especially for little girls who lived with linoleum previously & want the coolest room ever. *Disclaimer You should TOTALLY TRY this project at home (take it from someone who used to be intimidated by the thought of installing flooring-not anymore).

And here is a bit of a sneak peek...

Seriously check out Flor tile and all of the patterns and colors they offer. These people were fantastic to work with, had stellar customer service and were so sweet to make this tween gals bedroom makeover better than she could ever imagine. I hope you all had a great weekend. I missed you guys last week and I am so ready to get back into the blog world. As for now I am off to bed. This designing Aunt is pooped! See you kiddos tomorrow!


  1. I have FLOR tiles in my house and love them! Entry, kitchen, dining, mudroom... LOVE them!!! They're perfect for odd sized spaces and for kids.

  2. I love the pattern! I am getting ready to paint my kids cement floor and I am toying with black and white stripes, but this pattern is RAD! I am certain my husband would plead stripes for the sake of our marriage! I will keep him but meanwhile swoon over all your hard, talented work! I can't wait for the BIG reveal! Keep it coming! Cheers to your fabulousness!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to see what your creative design mind came up with to go with it. I know it will be fantastic! You have a great mind for working with patterns, not too matchy-matchy but you usually carry out a common theme. Let's see how this one turns out! I am sure it will be great!

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