Friday, April 20, 2012

Ohhh Friday, how I love you...

Hello to all of you! This is my last post from the road (thank goodness) & I appreciate all of you being so patient the last few weeks.

We have gotten to do/accomplish some pretty awesome things while we have been on the road....visiting local zoo's & aquariums, riding lady bugs & taking train rides...all in the name of the great American road trip.

No worries...we didn't really feed our kiddo to a dinosaur in New Mexico.....but there were times I thought about it...haha.

The Hubs & I are exhausted from the shenanigans we called a room makeover...which at times felt more like the demolition and reconstruction of a house, but all and all we have enjoyed our time together as a family (even though it has been a working trip). Olly must be having fun too because I got a few extra of these the past few days...

So in my book all is well with the world. As soon as I get settled in at home and the fridge gets restocked, I am going to finish editing all of my pictures and give you guys a huge reveal post on Monday. I cannot wait to share my vision and all of our hard work with you guys. I cannot wait to see what you all think.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend....go get a latte and read an extra-long juicy story deserve it.



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