Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saving moolah

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. I wanted to share a couple of money saving tricks I used for the most recent makeover. I am sure some of you are sick of hearing about the tween project by now, but I just want to share everything possible with you guys so maybe you can use some of the same tips for your home projects. So forgive this gal if I bore you, but maybe just one of you out there will scream woo whooo at the end of this post.

Let's save money....shall we?!

Here is how I saved on lighting. Don't ever be afraid to price comparison shop when you get an idea in your mind of what you want. When I figured out the kind of chandelier I wanted I hunted and found the perfect one in chrome on It was a tad pricey and I knew I was just going to be spraying it gold anyway so I hesitated spending the money to buy it. I kept looking and was able to find the exact same chandelier in Bronze on and it was $100 less in this bronze finish. Since I was changing the color it didn't matter. So combining that savings with a coupon code I was able to snag it for cheapskies.
So don't ever be afraid to spray paint a chandelier and go with a more inexpensive finish....

and here it is gold after I sprayed it....

I was so happy with the way it came out and I didn't have to sacrifice on quality.

I also decided that I was in love with a curtain pattern from Zgallerie but it was $60 a panel. I actually used four panels to make the wall with the window look more balanced, so I knew $240 on curtains was a no way, no deal. So I kept hunting and came across some look-a-like beauties from Target and just simply added a little extra fabric to the bottom to make them long enough. They were only $19.99 a panel. So It saved me a lot of money using the look-a-like and it didn't compromise my design.

For all four panels of drapes and the chandelier I spent less than $220 because I comparison shopped and used coupons. What a steal right?!

The last money saving tip I have is to think outside of the box. The butterfly art I put on the wall was actually a multicolored (sorta ugly) outdoor wall hanging piece. I sprayed it gold and used the hook on the backside to hang it on the wall like art. It was a fantastic buy at $9.99 from Homegoods (in the outdoor section). It is one of my favorite things in the entire room.

I hope that some of these tips help some of you out. They sure make me happy like a big ole' piece of chocolate cake. What do you guys do to save money? I can't wait to hear.



  1. All great savings and these are wonderful points to remember when shopping!

  2. This is why I love you! You are so DIY savvy and think outside the box in such a fun way! Never shying away from the magic of spray paint either!:) Everything looks awesome!

  3. The chandelier turned out great - but I would not expect any less out of you, Courtney! You are "brilliantcy"! (In case you haven't noticed, we make up our own words if we can't find a real one to fit! Ha!) I think a chandelier adds so much to any room. She even put one in my walk-in closet that she and Ryan re-did a few years ago - and I love it!

  4. LOVING the gold! What brand is spray paint for that color of gold...

  5. Thanks Rhonda! It is Rustoleum's metallic gold from home depot ;.)

  6. I found your site through YHL. You are extremely talented, the way you can put all of the colors, patterns, and textures together - on a budget! Question for you: how did you paint the chandelier? What I mean is, I'm looking at the same bronze chandelier on and I can't tell how you would paint the criss cross lines around the drum. It's just hard to tell in the picture, and since I'm considering ordering the chandelier, I thought, why not go cheaper and spray paint (satin nickel)?

    1. Kierstin thanks so much & welcome to the blog. The chandelier we ordered the drum was just an insert that fit inside the crisscross part if that makes sense. So it was easy to paint & put back together. Hope this helps! I LOVE this light fixture.

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