Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luv yo mama

Hey there y'all! I'm sort of taking it easy this week (as far as posting goes). It's not only my Mama's day gift to myself, but it's sort of the creative break I need. Since we finished my last large project I have just not recovered creatively from that & I don't like to put any idea on here that is only half-hearted. So forgive this gals brain while it re-groups & re-adjusts.
One thing that I have to say is Happy early Mother's day to all of you hot mama's out there. I wanted to re-post one of my (last years) mama day projects since some of you are newbies to the ole' blog. Last year I made this fun ribbon rose corsage...

To see how I made it click here.  I hope that maybe it might spark an idea for a spectacular Mother's day. Wish me luck while I take my extra "night" time this week to re-organize the little man's clothes, toys, and desk drawers. I'm afraid I might find a whole little village living in the depths of some of those drawers. As long as no pair of scissors or jars of glitter jump out at me, I should be fine. I hope you all have a Wonderful Tuesday and a great week of celebrating all the mother's out there. See you soon.

**I also really want to thank babble.com for showcasing Oliver's old nursery....it knocked my socks off!


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