Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfectly imperfect {a clutter story}

Happy Friday! First let me say a HUGE thanks to (my favorite DIY peeps) John & Sherry over at Young House Love for being so awesome and featuring Emily's room yesterday as a reader re-design. I was so excited!
As for today's confession post, let me just say I am sharing this in confidence that I will not be judged by you amazing people. I spent the day yesterday dusting off my Super Woman cape so that I could conquer two areas of clutter in my house. This was an attempt to cross # 11 off of my 30 by 30 list. As some of you may already know I was a professional organizer in Baltimore before having Olly & moving to the West Coast...but I too suffer from Toomuchstuff Syndrome. Un-diagnosed this can be VERY dangerous. However, I try to be real with myself. When I start to see my things having "thing" babies of their own & multiplying inside my drawers and behind my cabinets I take the "stuff" and send it on a nice long vacation to the thrift store, recycle bin, or junk yard. Here is a little story of one tired mama who was so excited yesterday to say goodbye to 2 bags of donations, 2 bags of recycle, and one bag of garbage. And for those of you normal folks out there who don't get as excited about organization as I do and the idea of color coordination and labeling doesn't tickle your fancy...I apologize for the post. It just felt so good to clear the clutter I just couldn't wait to share.

First up was the little man's drawers. I'm pretty sure if his clothes could talk they would have said, "help me, I can't breathe in here".

I seriously felt horrible as I pulled out little man clothes that were 9 months size...mostly because he still wore some of them. My poor baby is 19 months old people....yikes...This is why I needed to clean out drawers. I also figured out if I folded sets of clothes together (like his Jammies) there would be no "surprises" when daddy dresses him. He would no longer be wearing dinosaur PJ pants with a truck PJ shirt, which has happened, true story people. Sweet sweet daddy' got to love them.  

Feeling so empowered, next up was a daily nightmare for me...the pantry. After discovering Halloween candy from last year and expired goods we brought from Baltimore, I was happy to say at least nothing resembled a science experiment and was growing yucky things.

Yes...the Schutz household slept better last night. There is nothing like saying goodbye to the unnecessary. And after discovering 3 packages of brown sugar I now will be saving money and not buying anymore for a long while haha. Hey, you got to look at the bright side. I hope maybe my clutter has inspired you to conquer something bothering you in your house (that one drawer, cabinet or console in your car...we all have those secret spots). If not, I hope you were able to see that being perfect is overrated and not being perfect is "perfectly" okay.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you lovelies on Monday!


  1. I get so excited about organization! Everything in it's place and a place for everything, right? I will admit that I am currently avoiding my third and fourth dresser drawers though...I know there are tough decisions behind there that I don't want to make!

  2. It's awesome finding out that I'm not alone in all this decluttering!

  3. whoa - great job. this is such a reminder that i need to make this happen in my bedroom closet... :)


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