Wednesday, May 16, 2012

smiling's my favorite

There is nothing better than waking up one day and thinking you know what is in store for you and then having Mr. Spontaneity jump up & grab you by the hand showing you a different way to live (a typical Tuesday). I thought that yesterday was going to be cooking, cleaning, DIY project time, playing with monkey, paying some bills, making a grocery list. You know...all of the things we don't want to admit we do in blogland, even though it's oh so glamorous . However, I got an offer from the Hubs early in the morning to head into the city with him for an eye doctor appointment. His appointment lasted so long that going back to work was out of the question, so we spent the remainder of our day going to Fisherman's Wharf. We braved the wild at Rain Forest cafe, we spied on some sea lions, chased tiny feet up and down the docks, got our carousel on, and indulged in some little magic bites of donut heaven. It was pretty terrific. I didn't realize how much I needed to breath in the salty air, laugh a little too loud, nor did I realize how my skin begged to be drenched in sunlight. I think sometimes (now that I'm a Mom) I get lost in the "have to do" of days and forget what life was like when I only had to live it for myself. Yesterday fit like a perfect little dress. It made me want to twirl around and left me feeling oh so pretty. I think we all need days like that. I took some photos so I could bring you guys lovelies are always on my mind.

Carrying my favorite anthro bag for the first time! It was perfect for my camera. 

Rockin' leopard shoes and bright colored really doesn't get more fun than that on a typical Tuesday. Thanks to the Hubs for taking me along. Thanks to the San Francisco air for being so friendly and thanks to all of you for letting me share it with you. See you tomorrow!


  1. Such a nice day. I have been very in the mood for SF lately...glad you took the trip for me!

  2. Ya'll are so cute! And I'm totally loving the new blog header!

    @ The Gotta Have It Girl

  3. SO jealous. Absolutely my favorite city in the world! Go Giants ;)

  4. Helen @ pickedandpainted.blogspot.comMay 17, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    Thanks for taking me along....I needed that!
    helen @

  5. Such a splendid day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, and glad you had such a fab time. Love the starfish!


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