Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Golden legs {a bug story}

So one of my favorite parts of yesterday's summer table was my little golden friends. They were hiding all along the table.

Let me be honest I've never met something plastic and spray painted gold that I didn't like...true story. These little bug guys and gals are no exception. I purchased them from Target in the party favor section for $3 buckaroos. I paired it with some gold metallic Rustoleum spray paint that I already had and it was pure magic. 

Here is how my crawly friends looked before they got classy-fied....They'll thank me for it later...I'm sure of it.

And now they're rockin' gold like they belong on the red carpet (even Joan Rivers would approve). Now they're quite lovely little bugs.

Whatcha think? Are they buggin' you or do you love them like I do?!


  1. HOLY CRAP!! lolz I never thought spray painting plastic bugs would make these little guys look elegantly fantastic!! Ahhhh I need to try this tomorrow morning ASAP!! They look awesome as decoration and props for fashion shoots!

    The Krystel Book

  2. I have to admit. Those turned out pretty darn cute!


  3. you had me searching google yesterday to find some like them. I totally want to wear one as a broach!!!! Now I can make some, yay!

  4. Thanks ladies! I love making cheap things pretty! And I would love to see your broach ;.)

  5. okay, you are too much!! so freakn' cute, I love them :)

  6. I loved them on your tablescape and was wondering where I could get some!! Now I'm pleasantly surprised that they're just plastic bugs spray painted gold. Great job and great blog!!



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