Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hitting the bottle

Last summer I put my empty glass bottles to good use. With a little spray paint and patience I was able to create some inexpensive vases for my hydrangeas.

This summer I decided to do what all the other cool kids were doing and paint the inside of a glass jar (to use for a vase) instead of spray painting the outside of it. Armed with an empty apple juice jar that I previously used for this little flowery goodness... plus some leftover paint, I was ready to get started.

It was pretty simple & it made me feel like a DIY champ because I did it while the little man was sleeping. Sneaky mommy. 

The drying time took longer than I expected but I think it is because we still have temps in the 60's here. But overall it was pretty painless. I am imagining a party with a table set with a bunch of coral, pink, magenta, and orange painted jars with pops of teal...super posh, right? So now it's your turn to get down with you bad DIY self. It's time to start stealing all of the wine bottles out of your neighbors recycling bins and go to town painting them all sorts of fun colors. The best part is the brighter the jars the more simple the flower arrangement can be. That's my kind of project. 

I hope you all have a great day today. I cannot believe it is Thursday already...where does all the time go? 


  1. Love this! I love how it's so shiny, since the color is on the INSIDE of the glass. It looks like ceramic!

  2. Stealing bottles out of my neighbors' garbage bins? Please. I've got enough empty wine bottles in my garage to build my own island :)
    I've really been thinking about doing some of these with metallic gold paint but I'm afraid the reflectiveness of the glass will compete with the shimmery-ness of the paint... I'm so torn!

  3. Thanks Charlotte ;)

    @atypicaljourney you crack me up! I think you should try it both ways since you have so many bottles ;.) haha. Decide which way you like it & then make more ;.) happy painting!

  4. Beautiful! Can you still fill it with water after it has been painted?

  5. Deanna I'm a girl very much of trial and I'm going to. I don't see why not. I figure I'll test it out since it was free to make ;.) haha. I'll let you know if my plan backfires on me haha ;.)

  6. Such a pretty color! I'm jealous that it's still in the 60's there. It's so blaaasted hot in UT right now!

  7. Hi, what color did you use for the jar??

  8. what kind of paint do you use?

  9. Hi mollie! I just used leftover Glidden semi gloss paint. Nothing too special ;.) I hope this helps.

  10. I tried painting bottles with wider bases like this and he paint doesn't dry all the way because of lack of air flow. How did you get it to dry for you without dripping down inside?

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