Monday, June 18, 2012

Lesson Learned {gettin' down with nature}

OH.MY. Lovelies!
Two things I know for sure after this weekend are....
1. Point Reyes is one of the most amazing places to experience in the morning.
2. I will not be running on the gorgeous Point Reyes trail (in the morning) anytime soon.

Yep. That's right folks. I, Courtney Schutz, marathon runner at heart decided to "spice it up a bit" and run the trail I always run on, in the morning instead of in the evening. Pretty spicy, right?! It was absolutely breath taking. The sunlight had a way of dancing across the sky and warming me up like a big thick blanket, perfect for the Northern California chill.

Even though the trail was familiar it felt new to me under the guidance of the morning hours. The trees were now green instead of tall shadows encased in a thick silhouette of black. The birds were chirping quite loudly and the wind was no where to be seen.

As I was rounding the corner I closed my eyes... it was as if I somehow wanted to invite the beauty of all that was around me to seep into the pours of my skin. Just as I was asking myself as to why I didn't run with my eyes closed more often (It just felt so good to feel free and embrace the outdoors)....this happened...

Not the actual would have been weird if I stopped to take a photo. I'm not that brave crazy. I figured it was less scary if I taped it up with fun stripes. 

So I did this.... evidently I am cool in a dangerous situation....ummm not so much.
A BIG ole' snake slithered right in front of my foot. I jumped up into mid air and it coiled back slightly into a hole looking at me. I've NEVER. RAN. SO. FAST. as I did in that moment....and I didn't stop a few feet away... No....This gal decided to sprint all the way to the local Fire Department before stopping. I felt like I was about to pee my pants and I acted as if a panther way chasing after me. Now looking back, it may seem a tad ridiculous but I was convinced that darn snake was going to slash me up into a million know, like the giant serpent snake-like creatures in the movie Tremors....totally realistic, right?! I was also a little mortified that I was now standing in front of the Fire Department with the look of terror and the threat of pee dripping down my leg... dang you snake! Embarrassing me in front of hunky men is taking it a little too far.  It was right there in that moment that I decided a few things.
1. I will not be running in the morning when evidently snakes decide to start their days too and come out of their little "I wanna scare people" holes.
2. I will not be running with my eyes closed to soak the sun in anytime soon.
3. I WILL be getting revenge in the future and purchasing some sort of snake boots or purse. Oh yes, it will happen. Sorry PETA!

The entire thing freaked me out and now I think I may be in need of some crazy pills. So that's how part of my weekend was. How about you? Anyone else wrangle a death defying animal a snake?

Speaking of animals...don't forget today is the last day of the blabla giveaway! I look forward to seeing you crazy kids tomorrow for the fashion part of our summer series.



  1. Hahahaha omg you are hilarious. I can just imagine you running along with your eyes closed like some kind of cross-training hippie and then all of a sudden AHHHHH SNAKE! And the firemen! Hahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh today!

  2. Ha ha! I am just catching up on my blogs and this post gave me a good chuckle!!! I would hAve definitely pee'd me pants if it was me in that situation! Lol thanks for the giggle :)

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