Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Makin' me Holla'

It's Wednesday already wooo whooo! And in the spirit of getting midweek crazy I thought it would be fun to share some of my current summer favorites with you. In fact, they are my essentials these days. I tend to be a gal of routine and when I like something...let's just say, I really like it. So here are some of the products I just can't live without and that are currently making me Holla'!

Most days I can be found smellin' like eucalyptus & mint, sporting my hair in a ponytail, drinking a Tazo iced tea (brewed for 4 minutes = perfection) and listening to Ellie Gouding's Lights (the Bassnectar remix is even more amazing).

What are you favorites? Do tell so I can find some new goodies.


  1. I see the Gray books are a craze in the States too. They are coming to me very soon after being around 4 other mums in the village where I live.
    Here in the UK we have been experiencing so much rain that welly boots are my necessity, along with a rain hat and coat!

  2. Loved the 50 Shades books. Tazo tea is also a necessity for me with the Passion Tea being my favorite. If you chill it and add a little lemonade it tastes just like the shaken ice tea lemonade from Starbuck's!

  3. Lucy I hope your weather gets better my dear ;.)

    & Andrea I will HAVE to try that now! Thanks for the tip. I seem to be addicted to Tazo ;.)


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