Monday, June 25, 2012

our market {in bright colors}

Saturday kicked off our 2012 Farmer's market. There was a very sweet speech about our small town and how the most amazing quality of our farmer's market is that it's not forced to be something it's not. No one is being paid to be there and everyone is genuinely coming together for the greater benefit of our local farmer's as well as embracing the delicious taste of fresh and organic food. There was a simple toast with raspberry, lavender, and chamomile iced tea and an infectious energetic buzz dancing around outside Toby's market. It was a breezy 60 degrees and the sun was out. Here is a little of what I so desperately wanted to capture to always remember the quaintness and beauty of the Point Reyes farmer's market.

I'm in love with the picture of that classic car, a man, and his dog. Such simple moments made it the best Saturday morning I've had in a long time. Not to mention the delicious treats we ate and brought back home with us.

Both were as mouth watering, delicious, and decadent as they look. The avocado & cilantro humus was out of this world and the corn was sweeter than any candy I have eaten recently. They were the most amazing flavors of the season and their taste lingered across our lips and made our bellies truly happy and looking forward to next Saturday.
It was so nice to welcome back an old friend and to embrace what makes this town so special. I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. What did you all do?

I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow for our very last day of our Summer Series. It's DIY day. I love that!

Have a great Monday you crazy kids!


  1. What a beautiful farmer's market!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I can almost taste that corn!

  3. Willing to share your delicious looking avocado and cilantro hummus recipe?

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