Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pound it

Well it's been four weeks of me cutting back on sugar, extra unnecessary carbohydrates, adding in exercise and I'm happy to report I am down 10lbs of the 40 lbs I want to try and lose by my 30th birthday. I have not weighed in a week and I am not allowing myself to weigh again until July 1st and it's killing me. But I have to do that or I somewhat become scale obsessed. It's as if every morning the scale looks at me with its dark eyes and sticks its lips out to pout while it bats its eyelashes and says, "get on Courtney, get on..."....It's tough but I must say I decline. Score one for me! Before I know it I will be able to wear a little something like this....(and not feel like an encased sausage).
Anthropologie Dress
Until then I am gonna keep doin' what I'm doin and enjoy the journey. I promise to update you again towards the end of July in another month....wish me luck and also wish that all of the Pringles in the world spontaneously combust with no explanation and they cannot be recreated....those things are more addicting than crack cocaine. 

Thanks for letting me share my progress with you! Y'all are better than therapy! Happy Thursday! 


  1. Good Luck Courtney! I wish I had your will power! I would love to lose some weight before this wedding I have to be in in September. Maybe I'll try cutting sugars and carbs, but my biggest downfall is sweets! ugh...well I wish you all the luck in the world. You deserve it!


  2. Way to go! I need to use you as motivation!


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