Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a Summer table {from day to night}

Hey lovelies! It's Tuesday & that means it's the day we celebrate everything Summer with our

When I think summertime, I think of eating outside. I think of the cool ocean breeze dancing across Point Reyes with flowers blooming in the garden and the smell of BBQ on the grill. And since the Hubs and I have yet to throw an outdoor party (since we have moved here) I thought it would be fun to create our favorite summertime outdoor table for y'all to enjoy with us.

Let me start by saying I spent less than $9 on the entire table. I am a firm believer on keeping things simple during the summer and not spending too much money on decorating the table. So after "shopping" in my cabinets and my shelves and using what I had around me like, ribbon, fabric, antique spools, glass ball jars, and even fresh cut flowers from our garden, a beautiful table was created. I even used an amazing soup tureen that I previously purchased for $3 from Goodwill. This table is most definitely worthy of a party or meal with your family and friends and for those who want a romantic twist, I decorated for that too! So bare with me...there are a lot of pictures...but I hope they inspire ideas and the creation of summertime memories.

And for those who want a little romance....you can take away some of the whimsical decor, like the balloons & personalized chalkboard and add some glow with candles & beautiful outdoor lights.

Either look is divine for summertime entertaining. Just make sure that you can easily transition from

For the daytime look I used ball jars, remnant fabric as a runner, garden flowers, balloons, old bottles, a $1 store lace doily, golden bugs, wired ribbon to make flags, a homemade chalkboard and old antique spools.
For the evening look I used outdoor Christmas lights, homemade ball jar lanterns with unscented candles and took away the balloons & chalkboard.

For even more inspiration and a colorful & vibrant table, check out Lindsay's table over at Sadie & Stella and show her some major love!

I hope you enjoyed the first of our summer series! Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I can't wait to see you next week for food and cocktail inspiration!

So what do you guys think? Outdoor eating plans anytime soon?! ....And no worries, I am showing you the low down on the golden bugs tomorrow! 



  1. Yours is fabulous my darling!! And those bugs!! Never thought I could love bugs so much!

  2. Your styling NEVER ceases to amaze. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  3. Thanks so much ladies. I'm so inspired by the beauty I'm surrounded with right now ;.) happy summer!

  4. love it!! Been collecting any twikle lights I see in big bulbs for when I have a backyard. I envision a table just like this!

  5. Thanks Erin! So smart to be collecting lights ;.)

  6. I love all the lights, what a beautiful setting.


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