Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thoughtfulness {for the Sole}

Well is some eye candy. Does this get your attention for a Wednesday?

Original Source *found on pinterest*
This is what I get to come home to everyday. JUST KIDDING...I found this little gem of a man (I apologize for the objectification) on Pinterest and just had to share. 

But I have to admit, my HUBS looks like this to me, especially when he does sweet things to spoil me. Over this past weekend he got to wear his "I am the best hubby" crown until the clock struck midnight and he had to go back to work and put it back in the cabinet for safe keeping. I think when you get to a certain point in your marriage it becomes harder and harder to surprise your partner. The humdrum of the day to day out weighs spontaneity and thoughtfulness out of sheer necessity. Well my sweet hubby was able to surprise me over the weekend and I'm not sure when the last time that happened. 

It's no news to you that I have been running my booty off lately a.k.a "dodging snakes". My shoes have been worn out for a while and desperately needed to be replaced. My shoes have been so beyond retirement they have been begging me to let them go to shoe heaven for a while now. However, I am the girl who cannot stomach spending money on running shoes. Is it just me or do you almost have to sell your leg to get the shoes? They're just so pricey these days. I am the girl who walks into the athletic store and looks for the cheapest pair. The Hubs and I argue in the aisle because he says they aren't good enough for walking (much less running) and that's why they are "cheap wad" friendly and appeal to me. I roll my eyes, then I get my way and I get home and run in the horrible shoes. No surprise, my feet hurt and so does my pride and I never admit it, but he knows....he always knows. Well this time the worry of the cost of the shoes was not even a factor. My hubby saved a little money out of his paychecks, put it in a special secret account (now that sounds a little shady) and then gave it to me. Pressure free, anxiety free....what a gift. He told me we WOULD be buying shoes with the money and I must say I did not protest in the defense of my tired soles.

I was so excited before shopping I made the Hubs snap a photo to capture the moment. *And no worries, I did NOT spend the entire $150 on one pair of running shoes....He bought me a new pair of running pants too. I felt like a really thankful girl. Not only for the shoes, but mostly for the surprise and the effort of making the experience of buying the shoes as painless on my penny pinching self as possible. And Here she is...the newest member of the Shoe family, currently residing in my closet.

Snazzy right? It got me thinking, when's the last time you surprised your partner and made them feel completely overwhelmed with thankfulness? The Hubs made me feel like I need to step up my game a little and I am currently trying to remember to be a little bit more thoughtful everyday.

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday and embrace some of the simple surprises that make you feel special. And if nothing else look at that handsome man again...just sayin'! 


  1. what a sweetheart... there's no greater feeling that knowing you are loved... xo

  2. So sweet and I'm loving those new running kicks :) Hmmm....I definitely need to surprise the hubby with something soon :)

  3. Thanks ladies y'all are the sweetest. Much love.

  4. So sweet. He loves you, and your feet, a whole bunch!

  5. He's so nice! That's awesome Courtney you deserve a new pair of shoes! -AimeeRod

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