Monday, June 4, 2012

A tight situation {leg lovin' nylon}

Oh. My. Goodness. Y'all. I worked so hard on simplifying my wardrobe over the weekend as an attempt to cross something else off of my 30 by 30 list. I let go of the things I had not worn in the last year as well as the things that I had been keeping to "fit into" or keeping as a reminder to "never fit in that again" well as the items I had been keeping since high school & college {T-shirts, sweatshirts}..yep...I'm that girl. It felt so good to donate some unworn beauties and to pitch some of those that were beyond their prime and covered in stains and holes. *I'm going to miss you hair dying tee". In a way it was like I was going shopping in my own drawers and closet. I was learning to love certain pieces again. I was able to see what I actually had and what I needed to not buy the next time I go shopping. It also gave me the opportunity to step up my organization. Before Olly, I color coordinated....after Olly, I'm happy that my clothes actually get washed and put away. So this time I was able to color coordinate and streamline. It was fantastic. Here was one really cool trick I came up with for organizing and storing my tights. It was born after an hour spent cleaning out my drawer and sifting through knotted colors and clumps of leg lovin' nylon. Hence I came up with the chipboard save all.

Take a peek in my drawers...

Awesome, right?! Now they are "filed" in my drawer and I can actually see what I have as well as keep them from getting damaged. It made me one happy lady!

I was also able to color coordinate and arrange hanging items.
So now there is a colorful rainbow waiting for me every time I go into my closet. As far as I am concerned starting my day off with a rainbow of color makes me feel like a princess.

*A HUGE shout out to he Hubs for helping me to get this done. He by far did the hardest job of entertaining, occupying and chasing after the little one for the afternoon. It really did rock my world!

The other thing I learned by the end of folding, hanging, & arranging all of my items was that I evidently like color. Lots of it. No one can say my wardrobe is bland. My wooden hangers dance around with some good looking duds on them. What more could they ask for?!

*Don't forget tomorrow starts our amazing Summer Series and I have something so fun to show you! Let's just say it was a 5 HOUR photo shoot on Friday but it was worth every minute! Can't wait to share it with you! 


  1. Love your color coordination! So fabulous!

  2. Do you like using wood hangers for all of your clothes? Whats your opinion on the thin velvet hangers available?

  3. Thanks Lindsay!
    Kayleigh- I love them. The great thing about the velvet ones is the non slip factor & they are great for saving space. I recently used them for the tween makeover. I love wooden hangers too because it makes me feel like I'm shopping in a store in my own closet ;.) both are Great! Just be consistent with one kind either makes a huge difference.

  4. Thanks Courtney! Can you recommend a brand for both??

  5. I use Ikea or targets wooden hangers but any brand online is just as good. The velvet ones I don't know a brand I just always buy them at a Homegoods/Marshall's ;.)

  6. Oh that chipboard for tights idea is genius!
    I use the thin velvet hangers because of space but I love the look and feel of the wooden ones.


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